Three Essentials to Grow Your eCommerce Brand in 2020

Elevate your brand and increase revenue with our eCommerce Essentials Guide which will make you an expert at optimizing your conversion rate, improving site speed performance and migrating to a headless implementation.

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Why you need this guide ASAP

Ecommerce is booming and growing even more in 2020

There will be revenue loss if site visitors aren’t served a seamless experience

There are many metrics to measure the success of your site, and it’s time to focus on the important ones

What You’ll Learn

Why the way you were running UX/UI tests before wastes time and $

How to validate tests so they’re time and cost-effective

How to find substantiated testing data you can trust

What else?

Why your site is too slow to be competitive

How to tell the difference between speed hacks vs. improvements

Why headless is the only architecture that can deliver instant page load

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