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It Doesn’t Matter What
eCommerce Platform You Use

90% of all eCommerce platforms are the same.

They provide:

  • key features for your customers to shop
  • a way to manage operations, and
  • a foundation to design a consistent theme

One thing a platform doesn’t do is determine if your business will grow.

Growth is determined by your customer experience, marketing, and customer service.

Unfortunately, many businesses are being told by eCommerce agencies that in order to grow they need to replatform. This is not true.

When you replatform, you will lose a minimum of four to 6 months of time. This means that no growth generating projects can begin until the replatform is complete. Further, a replatform can cost your business up to 6-figures or more.

At Anatta, rarely have we seen a replatform be the sole reason to cause a business to grow.

If you’re being told to switch platforms, determine if it’s of benefit to your business or to the agency that’s selling it.


About The Author

Nirav Sheth is the CEO/Founder of Anatta. Anatta works with digitally native eCommerce brands to exponentially grow their revenue, increase conversions and drive performance.


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