Anatta Manifesto

What we’ve learned from helping fast-growing health & wellness brands make more money.

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It doesn’t matter what eCommerce platform you use.

Platforms don’t decide if your business will grow or stay stagnant. Working on the right things at the right time does.


Redesigns are rarely worth the investment & risk.

Redesigns make assumptions about what will look, flow, and work better. After 5 months of work, and $100,000 of resources, you cross your fingers and hope it works. Hope isn’t a strategy.


Performance and Brand Experience are mutually exclusive.

Performance improves user experience as it leads to faster load times and less hurdles for the customer. This elevates the brand.

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Cash allocation determines your rate of growth.

The statement “you have to spend money to make money” only works with the caveat “you have to spend money in the right places to make money.”


You don’t grow past your competitor by being like your competitor.

Businesses that succeed have a clear purpose, perspective and model.

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It’s supposed to look good everywhere.

When you stop talking about mobile as a separate entity - you will begin to create one unified brand.


You don’t need to
automate everything.

Some things are better done by real people. Real people who can improve your bottom line.

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Tell a story, not the whole story.

Tell customers something you stand for. Over time, and with repeat sales, they will learn the whole story

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