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Helping over 100 brands scale online for over a decade

We believe in focusing on quality over quantity while delivering exceptional results.

We’ve helped over 100 brands scale online, helping them become industry and market leaders in a fraction of the time.

We’ve built over 100+ fast growing health & wellness online brands and help convert more than $1 billion in sales.

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Principles distilled from over a decade of engagements with over 100 fast-growing eCommerce brands.

Performance matters as much as brand experience.

Flow and speed are as important as look and feel in the eCommerce customer journey.

Redesigns or replatforms are options, not givens.

Jumping into a redesign or re-platform in order to solve your growth challenges isn’t a strategy – they’re knee-jerk responses to more basic issues.

It’s supposed to look good everywhere.

What device the customer uses is not relevant–a seamless experience across devices is critical.

You don’t beat them by being like them.

You win when you emphasize why and how you’re different through brand, product and purpose.

Your customer is the stakeholder, not your business.

It’s always about your customer, not you. When you fully get that, you create value for everyone.

Tell a story, not the whole story.

Tell customers what you stand for, not everything you stand for. Over time, they will learn the whole story.

Test a hypothesis, don’t test everything.

Only test what you believe to add value to the customer journey. Testing everything wastes time and money.

Leadership Team

  • Nirav Sheth
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    Nirav is the CEO and founder. Nirav received his engineering degree in 2006 from George Washington University. P...

  • Victoriya Scovel
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    Victoriya is Anatta’s COO. Her background is in Product Management and Business Process Management. Prior to joi...

  • Surinder Singh Brar
    SVP Engineering
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    Surinder is the Senior Vice President of Engineering. Shortly after completing his Computer Science degree, he j...

  • Victor Bejar
    Creative Director
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    Victor is Anatta’s Creative and UX Director. Over the past 10 years, he’s worked with over 100 major brands, lik...

  • Saurabh Chaudhary
    Team Lead, App Development
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    Saurabh has been with Anatta since 2014. Saurabh oversees backend engineering for Shopify Plus, Magento Enterpri...

  • Lindsay Ginger
    Human Resources
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    Lindsay Ginger is our Director of Human Resources. She joined our team with over 15 years of human resource expe...

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