In 2022,
Anatta clients
grew by 63%.

That’s 8x industry average.

Over our 15+ years in DTC, Anatta has empowered brands to unblock their roadmaps, create a high-performing website, better connect with their customers... And scale to industry leaders.

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buybuy Baby first partnered with Anatta to migrate the $1.5B retailer Shopify Plus within a 90-day, monumentally ambitious timeline.

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SINCE 2018

Since 2018, Anatta has helped Athletic Greens grow subscriptions by developing a lightning-fast PWA, building a web infrastructure accommodating tremendous order volume, and launching their products into international markets.

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By supplementing Vuori's existing digital product team, Anatta has enabled Vuori to scale its development efforts efficiently, overcoming previous challenges with recruiting in-house talent and a bottlenecked roadmap.

Additionally, Anatta has developed custom middleware to streamline Vuori’s ERP integration with Shopify, supported the brand’s expansion into retail through POS initiatives, and overall, empowered Vuori to scale their headless Shopify solution with confidence.

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true botanicals logo

SINCE 2020

True Botanicals chose Anatta as their eCommerce partner in July 2020. As a fast-growing direct-to-consumer brand, True Botanicals wanted to partner with a product team that could help elevate their user experience, reduce costs significantly, speed up the website load times, and help scale their business.

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Photo of a man shaving with a razor from Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club logo


After sending out an RFP for an ambitious growth project to the top eCommerce agencies, Dollar Shave Club chose Anatta to be their CRO partner at the start of 2022. Anatta was able to not only launch 60+ high-value tests for DSC, recovering considerable growth—but also empower DSC to seamlessly run their own CRO program.

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rothy's logo

2014 - 2021 (Acquired)

Rothy’s is a San Francisco-based producer of high-end 3D printed seamless shoes. Rothy's engaged Anatta from day one, seeking a long-term partner to help them scale fast. They were acquired for a value above $1 billion.

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mack weldon logo

SINCE 2020

Since 2020, Mack Weldon has partnered with Anatta to launch new features and integrations, improve online conversions, increase their average order value, and perform ongoing UX tests and optimization.

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Trade Coffee first partnered with Anatta to lead a strategic overhaul of the brand’s digital infrastructure. With Anatta’s expert support, Trade Coffee began a bold journey—migrating from a complex, entirely bespoke solution to a more agile, scalable framework on Shopify Plus. All in just 3-4 months.

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brunt logo

SINCE 2022

BRUNT partnered with Anatta at the beginning of 2022. Through bringing BRUNT’s website up to a new baseline, BRUNT has seen significant conversion rate improvements on mobile and desktop, while giving customers a better overall shopping experience.

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The Momentous and Anatta partnership supported a rebrand and digital identity update as well as a sweeping overhaul of Momentous’s technological foundation.

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Stio white logo


Stio partnered with Anatta beginning in 2021 to raise the general standard of Stio’s digital customer experience. The partnership included improvements to site speed, the redesign of many core pages, and the launch of a circular eCommerce initiative to achieve zero waste.

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Molekule is a science and technology company that designs and manufactures air purifiers. Molekule engaged Anatta to transition to a headless PWA architecture alongside a complete site redesign.

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Four Sigmatic logo

2017 - 2022

Four Sigmatic partnered with Anatta to redesign their website, develop a plethora of new features, migrate to a PWA, and expand the international side of their DTC business.

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aventon logo

2022 - 2023

Aventon and Anatta started their partnership in Q2 2022. Anatta has since helped Aventon rebuild their site’s codebase for drastically faster development velocity. Anatta has also helped boost Aventon's site performance and enhance the brand's online shopping experience.

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Thesis logo

Since 2022

Thesis turned to Anatta for help migrating to Shopify Plus, scaling their product quiz funnel, and optimizing their subscription portal. Since Anatta and Thesis began their partnership, Thesis's conversion rate has risen by 69%.

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bare performance nutrition logo

SINCE 2021

Since 2021, Bare Performance Nutrition has partnered with Anatta to optimize their website's eCommerce experience, build upon consumer trust for the BPN brand, and enhance BPN's subscription services.

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M.Gemi logo

Since 2021

M.Gemi partnered with Anatta during the summer of 2021 to optimize their site speed, reduce tech debt, and enhance their user experience. Anatta also supported M.Gemi's steps into international eCommerce.

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Cariuma logo

2018 - 2022

CARIUMA partnered with Anatta at the beginning of 2019. Together, they were able to quickly grow the CARIUMA brand, improve conversions, and expand to new markets.

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Smartypants Vitamins logo

2018 - 2022 (Acquired)

SmartyPants Vitamins partnered with Anatta beginning in 2021 to create a Shopify Plus store that followed their brand guidelines, while finding opportunities to improve conversions.

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Caldera + Labs logo

2019 - 2021

Anatta helped Caldera + Lab multiply their on-site conversion rates, 3x their number of landing pages, implement a popular subscription for their staple skincare product, and expand into new international markets.

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Initially scoped as a project to optimize site performance, the Vegamour and Anatta partnership quickly grew to encompass broader Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) initiatives. In just four months Anatta helped Vegamour turn a monumental corner toward digital excellence, boosting conversions, AOV, and site speed.

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HH Global partnered with Anatta in February 2021 because of the agency's reputation in the industry and experience working with iconic fast-growing CPG brands. Biostime already had a strong brand presence abroad and wanted to rebrand and redesign their website for the US market. The new site’s bounce rate was below 30%.

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Beekeeper’s Naturals was founded in 2017 and quickly saw demand for their growing line of health products. By November 2021, with an established product lineup, the team decided to rebrand their website and bolster their online shopping experience for customers.

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Berkey Filters logo


Berkey Filters partnered with Anatta in 2018 for website replatforming, a full website redesign, and overall performance optimization across their storefront.

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Society Social logo


Core to Society Social’s offerings is customization. But selling custom products over the web is complicated. Society Social knew they needed to take their digital infrastructure seriously. So, Society Social partnered with Anatta to redesign their website.

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And many more.

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