Refresh Your
Roadmap with
Bold Innovation.

To help your brand evolve and thrive in a transforming DTC, Anatta partnerships are structured to provide you with the dedicated support, high-level strategy, and flexibility you need to take on fast-changing priorities.

With Anatta as your partner, you’re establishing a product and technology brain trust that's willing to throw out the old DTC playbook and refresh your roadmap with genuine innovation backed by years of experience.

How Anatta Delivers Game-Changing Services


No fractionalized resources.

The Anatta team members who work on your project work only on your project.

We believe this level of commitment is necessary to unify objectives and deliver your brand the best support possible. Splitting a team member’s attention across more than 2 projects (agencies often assign staff to 4+ projects), just doesn’t allow for the kind of focus real partnership needs.


Bespoke strategy included with every engagement.

Since our founding, Anatta has heavily invested in building a brain trust of SMEs across all facets of eCommerce. That way, we can infuse invaluable strategic guidance into every roadmap we launch with our partner brands.

Anatta is also fully entrenched in the eCommerce community, which means we've got serious connections you can benefit from. You'll get VIP treatment when you need it, providing you with access to an even more expansive network of tools and industry specialists.

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Your dedicated
Anatta team

build a team

Empowered by

Any 2 Anatta resources -
User Experience Designer

Anatta’s UX Designers, (certified by the Baymard Institute and the Nielsen Norman Group), ensure every user landing on your website is guided through a frictionless and enjoyable customer journey.

User Experience Researcher

Our UX Researchers thoroughly analyze your entire customer funnel, providing you with invaluable insights into customer behaviors and shopping preferences.

UI Developer

Anatta’s UI Developers bring your storefront’s unique visual identity to life through meticulously built, high-performing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, & React.

Backend App Developer

Our Backend App Developers deliver custom third-party integrations and applications that extend your store functionality, and serve both your long-term goals and short-term needs.

Supported by

Quality Assurance

All of Anatta’s work is supported by Quality Assurance to gauge user acceptance of new features, and to ensure a flawless, bug-free customer experience.

Project Manager

Anatta’s Project Managers are PMP certified and masters of agile scrum workflows, guaranteeing smooth organization of your feature builds and high-impact projects.

Led by

Creative Director
Optimization Director
Technical Architect
CDOs, CTOs, & More

With access to

Anatta’s CEO
Anatta’s COO

Collaborating for Milestone eCommerce Success

The Powerful Benefits of an Anatta Partnership

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Customized to your goals & priorities.

You can quickly scale up your resources or scale down — according to your needs on a quarter-by-quarter, month-to-month basis. No more being locked into rigid agency contracts.


Seamless integration with your internal team or other hired agency.

Anatta teams are flexible enough to accommodate unexpected shifts in a changing business landscape, as well as able to seamlessly integrate with your internal team or other hired agency.


Understand where projects & tasks are at any given time.

With Anatta, you have direct access to our team members via Slack. If you have concerns, questions, or want updates on projects, just reach out to us in our shared channel.

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Experienced eComm specialists help you move faster.

The years of experience Anatta’s team members command can help your roadmap move faster. And ensure that your brand achieves premier results.

Your Expert Technology,
Digital Product, and User
Experience DTC Partner

Build engaging, conversion-optimized eCommerce experiences.
Inspire unwavering brand loyalty.

UX & UI Design

Build a user-centric, visually stunning online storefront that represents your brand and resonates with your customers.

Interaction Design

Engaging, clear, and thoughtfully designed micro-interactions for boosting conversion rates and increasing retention.

UI Development

Transform design concepts into highly-responsive user interfaces that bolster your store experience, and eliminate any guesswork or friction a customer might face along their journey.

A/B Testing Programs

A/B testing programs aimed at CRO often prioritize quantity over quality. Instead, Anatta seeks out high-value A/B tests that move the needle significantly.

UX Research

Dive deeper into why customers choose your brand and products. Then, leverage what you learn to turn data into solutions that keep delivering.

“If you’re looking for just a web team to plug and play your designs, Anatta isn’t who you want to work with. There’s a reason Anatta is selective about who they work with. If you’re looking to make an investment into your customer experience online, you will be hard-pressed to find an agency that cares as much, and is really part of your team, like Anatta.”

Trey Freeman

CMO at Bare Performance Nutrition

“In less than 90 days, the Anatta team got us results. Not just any results—but results on CR and AOV. They’re now deeply integrated into our team and we feel like it’s ONE team now.”

Markus Karjalainen

Chief Brand Officer at Four Sigmatic

“Having all the developers, and the data, and the UX, and the CX teams on the call from the beginning, not only enabled brainstorming and conversation. But also, it helped me to always know who to go to for what task or project. I felt comfortable reaching out to each person. And they were responsive.”

Eleah Portillo

Direct to Consumer Marketing Director

Make your tech
work for you.

Modernize your DTC store for industry-leading performance.

Application Engineering

Anatta’s developers know with confidence what builds are possible, what’s a waste of time, and how to engineer custom solutions aligned with what you need most today—while also planning for tomorrow.

Performance Optimization

At Anatta, we’ve developed our own custom back-end architecture that prioritizes speed, performance, and scalability. The store you build with our team will deliver on ROI years after your engagement with Anatta ends.

Headless & PWA

Going headless was once the only way to raise the performance of your tech—but that’s not the case these days. Anatta can help you build a tech stack exactly to your needs. Whether that’s headless, modular, monolith, or PWA.

Platform Migration

Migrate to an eCommerce platform that enhances your growth potential, meets customer expectations, and supports your team throughout their day-to-day.

Shopify Plus Development

Develop a gold-standard Shopify Plus store with Anatta, a Shopify Plus Partner. With Shopify experience since 2009, our team can lead any Shopify project your brand kicks off. Such as a redesign or an international launch.

Operation Automation

Earn back time for you and your team by streamlining internal processes. Maximize efficiency, free your focus for higher-value tasks, collect data consistently, and add more security to your online storefront.

“In past lives, we would have gone out and done a lot of research. I'd be at conferences, I'd be talking to my peers and our peers at different companies and, you know, kind of heading down a direction and hoping it's right. Having experts who are working with different configurations and know what works, what doesn't, and understand what third-party software works best for our situation, rather than us, sort of guessing—that's a big value for us.”

Ted McNamara


“Before, I felt like I was in the weeds on a day-to-day basis just because our team was so strapped. I would literally stay up until midnight. Midnight almost every night, working with our other developers on some of this stuff. So by doing automation with Anatta’s help, it allowed me to take a step back and let the marketing team do what they do, which is be creative and come up with ideas, and allowed our dev team to focus on what they do well, which is creating new tools and better features.”

Daniel James

Chief Technology Officer

“There was a multiple times increase in terms of our output of what we did in the year prior to partnering with Anatta. So much so it broke internal records. We've never experienced this kind of output, ever, in the history of Dollar Shave Club. And that's all because of the working relationship we had with Anatta and the willingness of Anatta’s team to get things done.”

Kevin Sakamoto

Senior Director of Product Management

We’re evolving to stay ahead of the DTC game.
Join us.

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Hey, I’m Nirav. CEO at Anatta.

Since 2008, my team and I have had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside inspiring entrepreneurs and DTC leaders. And in that time, our team has built some of the fastest, most engaging storefronts in eCommerce — backed by data-driven insights and our many years of experience.

Whether you’re looking for support on your next roadmap, or you just aren’t 100% sure what direction to head next, don’t hesitate to reach out. Just send over your email address, and we can chat about your business, project, or future goals. All at no cost or obligation to you.

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