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grow at 8x
the industry

Anatta amplifies your growth potential
with forward-looking eCommerce

Discover why so many DTC brands
turn to Anatta for better results.

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In 2021 & 2022, Anatta's clients
grew by 63%.

In one year of partnership,
Anatta deployed 60+ CRO
tests for DSC, recovering
significant revenue. Anatta
also empowered DSC to
seamlessly run their own
CRO program.

  • 11% increase in
    Conversion Rate
  • 60+ CRO Tests 
  • Rebuilt DSC’s CRO

Anatta helped Athletic
Greens grow their
subscription base,
develop a lightning-fast
PWA, and launch their
trademark green powder
into international markets.

  • 5Xed subscriber

Anatta helped True
Botanicals optimize
their site experience for
higher conversions and
faster load times.  

  • 200+ CRO Tests 
  • Conversion Rate
    increased from 4%
    to 6% in first year
    of partnership

Solutions for
your most
ambitious goals.

Shopify Plus

Anatta has led numerous successful
migrations to Shopify Plus. 

  • In just 90 days, Anatta migrated
    enterprise-retailer, buybuyBABY
    over to Shopify Plus – transferring
    30,000+ SKUs & more than 8
    million customer records.

Turnkey Digital
Product Teams

Our eCommerce specialists are in
your corner. Take on wildly
ambitious roadmaps. Launch new
products online. Optimize your store
for higher conversions
. And make
your technology work for you. 

  • Tech Stack enablement
  • High-converting Redesigns 
  • Growth initiatives like
    omnichannel, and more.

UI/UX Design
& Development

Design an on-brand and
shopping experience that
translates to higher conversions.

What Our Partners
Are Saying...

  • Anatta will take your website
    essentially from any stage to that
    next top level.

    Daniel James

    Director Of Technology

  • Technology was something we worried
    about before partnering with Anatta. It was
    the right move to work with them because
    they’re enabling us to scale.

    Dave Chernow


  • There was a multiple times increase in
    terms of our output of what we did in
    the year prior to partnering with Anatta.
    We've never experienced this kind of output,
    ever, in the history of Dollar Shave Club.

    Kevin Sakamoto

    Director of Product Management

  • In less than 90 days, the
    Anatta team got us results.
    Not just any results - but
    results on CR and AOV

    Markus Karjalainen


How Anatta Partnerships
Accelerate Growth

Your Brand.
Our Priority.

Anatta operates on a retainer price
model. This enables our business to
make your business our priority.

Seasoned Leaders
at Your Side.

Anatta’s senior leadership team joins in
on strategy and kickoff calls and is
always available for input. Our leaders
have played a key role in spearheading
more than one company acquisition –
Rothy's, Molekule, and SmartyPants
Vitamins, to name just a few. 

Stabilize, Scale, &
Enable the Full
Potential of Your

Anatta architects long-term technology
solutions that act as a springboard for
your success. 

Get Customers
to Buy from
You–Again. And

Anatta’s site designs are all about taking
effort out of a customer’s shopping
experience. Customers enjoy a
delightful online shopping journey. Your
business rakes in higher conversions. 

Dedicated, Agile Staff
to Accommodate
Changing Priorities.

Our staffing model is flexible enough to
accommodate shifts on an industry or
business-wide scale. We can also easily
integrate with your internal team or
other agency’s projects. 

Partnerships Pay
for Themselves.

Whatever work you invest in with Anatta
will continue providing ROI for years to
come. Anatta specializes in sleuthing
out both quick wins and future-focused,
profitable opportunities.  

Anatta Partnerships can 8x your growth

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