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Anatta is the premier Shopify Plus Agency for middle-market merchants in DTC eCommerce at the 25MM to 500MM annual revenue mark. As a Shopify Plus Partner Agency, Shopify directly endorses the quality of Anatta's eCommerce services and considers us Shopify experts.

In DTC eCommerce, the most successful brands have been able to look ahead past the current quarter to adopt solutions that pay dividends years into the future. Since 2009, when we first began working on Shopify stores, Anatta has embraced this forward-looking philosophy to stay at the leading edge of eCommerce trends that help our clients scale.

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What is a Shopify Plus Partner?

An agency considered a "Shopify Plus Partner" has a proven track record of success in DTC eCommerce. A Shopify Plus Partner has the expertise and capabilities to take on complex eCommerce projects like a site redesign or a platform migration. A Shopify Plus Partner can also help you build custom apps, automate parts of your store like customer personalization, and create an effective A/B testing program for your Shopify store. Whatever your business goals might be, a Partner Agency can make them a reality — unlocking possibilities for growth, and equipping your business with a dedicated team for support.

Shopify Plus Partners are considered leaders in the DTC eCommerce industry for their work and expertise. Most notably, a Partner Agency is assessed and vetted by Shopify itself.

Shopify Plus Partners typically include businesses like:

  • Enterprise Consultants
  • Brand Strategy Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Design & Development Agencies

Some of these agencies offer more than one service within their core offering to meet a variety of merchant needs.

What Do Shopify Agencies Do?

A Shopify agency can design and develop features to integrate with your Shopify store or optimize already integrated features. They can also create custom solutions for your online store, boost your customer experience, and lead the development of a Shopify Theme. A Shopify Plus Agency understands the Shopify Plus platform at a very high level. They are Shopify experts in every sense of the word.

A Shopify Plus Agency helps eCommerce brands scale by offering services such as:

At Anatta, we work closely with middle-market DTC companies to support their efforts to scale on the Shopify Plus platform. From developing your Shopify Theme to automating your operations, our team provides critical support for brand growth by enhancing the Shopify Plus features already available to you.

As a Shopify Plus Partner, What eCommerce Services Does Anatta Provide DTC Brands?

Anatta offers a wealth of support to middle-market brands in DTC eCommerce. We work with brands at the 25MM to 500MM annual revenue mark to elevate critical areas of customer experience that lead to higher, more consistent sales. By equipping your brand with dedicated staff, Anatta empowers your team to go after high-priority objectives and focus on their best work.

Anatta helps brands accomplish the following:

  • Higher conversions
  • Faster project delivery
  • Operations automation
  • International product launches
  • Clarity on your brand's roadmap
  • A less-than-2-seconds page load time
  • Platform migrations with no downtime
  • Customer-centric redesigns of your website
  • Website audits for hidden growth opportunities ($500,000+)
  • And much more

Anatta – Emphasizing the "Partner" in Shopify Partner Agency

While most agencies operate on a per-hour basis, raising your costs past the first quote and adopting a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Anatta emphasizes a true partnership that prioritizes your brand's unique goals, customers, and community. 

Through all of our work, the Anatta team leverages data-backed strategies, the deep eCommerce expertise of senior leadership, and our diverse industry experience.

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