Game-Changing Shopify Theme Development

Anatta develops lightning-fast Shopify Themes that
inspire customer action and deliver long-term value.

Shopify Themes shape how your storefront looks to customers
and where your site’s features are placed. Shopify Themes act
like flexible templates — allowing you to customize your store
to match your brand, and better serve your customers.

Anatta builds custom Shopify Themes for long-term performance
and customer engagement.

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How does your
Shopify Theme
impact your brand?

In DTC eCommerce, your website isn't just where you sell products. It's often the first touchpoint users have with your brand. And believe it or not, your site has just under one second to make a great first impression.

A slow site will encourage users to bounce. Hard-to-use features leave customers frustrated. And a bland store appearance makes it hard for your brand to stand out from the crowd. For continued success in DTC, your brand needs a storefront that showcases your unique identity—and meets customer needs.

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Why Choose Anatta
for Shopify Theme

Anatta's Shopify Themes draw from user research, have data-backed UX design, and showcase your brand's identity. The Themes we build connect with target users because we place the user first in all of our work. Our custom Shopify Themes are also speedy and responsive — meeting the high expectations today’s customers have of eCommerce sites.

For your brand, that means higher conversions, better retention, and stronger LTV.

How does Anatta
develop Shopify

Anatta's priority is to future-proof your site so as your brand scales, your site can scale with you.

  • Less than one-second load time: Our unique Performance Architecture (ASAP) for Shopify Themes and Headless PWA achieves lightning-fast load speeds.
  • Your site should scale with you — even after you've surpassed $500M: The eCommerce sites we've built for brands like Athletic Greens and Rothy's are the industry-gold standard for performance. These sites accommodate a tremendous amount of visitors without a single dip in performance.
  • Long-term stability: Nothing feels as overwhelming as a platform migration or retheme. Our Shopify experts deliver Themes that can easily adapt to future needs so you can save yourself headaches and costs down the road.
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Leading DTC brands that trust Anatta’s services.

  • Aventon logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • Smartypants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
  • True Botanicals logo
  • Cariuma logo
  • Blueland logo
  • Aventon logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • Smartypants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
  • True Botanicals logo
  • Cariuma logo
  • Blueland logo

Frequently Asked
Questions — Shopify
Theme Development
with Anatta

What technologies, tools, and
platforms does Anatta leverage
for Shopify Theme development?

Our custom Shopify Performance Architecture is designed for speed, scalability, and high performance.

Anatta’s unique Shopify Architecture:

  • Pulls data with Shopify storefront API
  • Takes advantage of a separate CMS via Prismic to receive data with Shopify node API
  • Uses Webpack to compile dynamic components into static files

Our dev team also uses GitHub and other deployment tools so multiple developers can simultaneously work in the same environment. If your brand works with Freelancers or other agencies or has an internal dev team, Anatta’s developers can easily integrate with their workflow.

What is Anatta’s Shopify Theme
development process?

Our Shopify Theme development process follows three steps:

  1. First, we build markups in Liquid. Liquid allows our developers to pull in important data faster and easier.
  2. Then, we style with CSS.
  3. For interaction development, we use React, Vue.js, and jQuery languages.

For all of Anatta’s UI and design additions, we ensure seamless integration with your Shopify Theme.

Can Anatta help with headless
commerce on Shopify Plus?

Our Shopify Plus developers build headless websites with Shopify’s Hydrogen and Oxygen framework. Hydrogen uses the javascript language, React. React has a number of Shopify apps immediately available. As an agency well-versed with Shopify, our developers also work with Oxygen, Shopify’s headless hosting solution.

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