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From Magento to Shopify Plus, Shopify to PWA, and every migration in between — noteworthy brands like Thesis and Molekule rely on Anatta to orchestrate a smooth replatform.

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Your eCommerce platform is integral to your team's and your business's day-to-day success. But as your brand grows, the platform that was best for you at one phase likely won't take you to the next level.

When you've outgrown your platform, you'll experience higher maintenance costs and declining site performance. And more and more customers will leave your store feeling frustrated.

When Should a DTC eCommerce Brand Replatform?

It's time to re-platform once your current platform begins holding you back from growth. At Anatta, we recommend your brand migrate to a new platform if your growth is stalled by:

  • Taxing platform upkeep

    If your team is losing hours each day fixing reoccurring issues with your platform, it's time to move on.

  • Clunky, slow admin functions

    Your team is only as productive as their tools allow. A platform with difficult-to-use admin features will slow you down.

  • Poor user experience

    The growth of your eCommerce brand depends on how easy, fast, and enjoyable a user experience you can create. When customers are leaving negative feedback about your site, or you have a high bounce rate, move platforms so you can facilitate a better experience.

A platform migration is no small endeavor, however. Without careful planning, you can lose valuable data, experience long downtimes, and set yourself up for more roadblocks in the future.

Partnering with Anatta will speed up your replatform significantly.

Why Partner with Anatta for your platform migration?

Our team not only can determine if a replatform is right for your brand and which platform would best suit your needs — we can also lead the migration to ensure nothing important is lost during the process, and no downtime occurs.

A successful platform migration requires your team to have a deep understanding of both your current eCommerce platform, as well as the platform you’re migrating to. Anatta has been helping DTC brands migrate between eComm platforms since 2009. In that time, we’ve learned the unique quirks of each platform to ensure a smooth migration every time.

What is Anatta's replatforming process?

After we jointly determine a replatform is right for your brand, our migration process is a simple 7 step process that looks like this:
  1. First, we build out a list of your requirements/needs from a new eCommerce platform. Together, we'll uncover areas where your current platform falls short to determine the best solution. During the discovery phase, you can expect to receive objective guidance. You'll leave our meetings with a holistic perspective on your brand and situation.
  2. Next, Anatta will make recommendations for your brand moving forward. We'll leverage our experience with previous DTC eCommerce clients to develop a solution that meets your unique needs and expectations.
  3. After we make our recommendations and mutually agree on the next steps, Anatta will begin configuring your new platform to prepare for your store's upcoming migration. These days, most DTC brands at the 25M - 500M mark will find an almost perfect platform solution with Shopify Plus.
  4. Our next step is one of the most exciting parts of the replatforming process. Here, we'll design and build your Shopify Theme or front-end store design. Anatta's Shopify Themes and PWAs are built for speed, long-term scalability, and customer-centric experiences.
  5. Once your storefront is built, our team will install and integrate the applications your store needs to function at its best. Anatta is also fully capable of customizing and building out brand-specific applications.
  6. Before we launch your new store, Anatta will seamlessly transfer all of your store's essential data and information.
  7. Now, it's time to launch your new eCommerce site! Anatta will manage and oversee your new site launch. With a new platform comes improved conversions, higher LTV, a more effective team, and a site that can scale with you.

Leading DTC brands that trust Anatta’s services.

Anatta at the Helm

  1. Functional foods brand, Four Sigmatic, saw a 100% reduction in bounce rate after Anatta launched their PWA.
  2. In their efforts to modernize their site, water filtration company Berkey Filters partnered with Anatta to migrate from Magento to Magento 2, then from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus.
  3. After struggling to maintain their headless site, nootropics brand Thesis relied on Anatta for a smooth migration from headless commerce to Shopify Plus.

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