Anatta forges DTC industry leaders through game-changing partnerships. Anatta’s dedicated staffing solutions, strategic business guidance, and tech stack mastery empower mid-market & enterprise brands to tackle wildly ambitious roadmaps—and transform moonshots into milestones.

DTC is a high-stakes, expensive business these days. We know.

DTC is changing fast, and all signs point towards a rapidly cooling, post-pandemic market correction. In reality, eCommerce is growing every day. And by the end of 2024, is projected to reach a whopping $6.3tn with

$ 0 billion

of that revenue share in U.S. DTC markets alone.

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IOS 14.5

We can’t talk about stalled growth in DTC without talking about astronomical customer acquisition costs. Apple’s IOS 14.5 update made it much harder for DTC brands to advertise effectively across social platforms. You’re likely paying more per customer than you ever have.

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A rapid influx of competition

DTC has always been a space for scrappy self-starters. Now, however, it's more competitive than ever. With supply chain issues no longer a barrier to entry, viral new brands are emerging at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, big-name wholesale retailers are expanding their DTC channels and further squeezing the market. Today, there's very little elbow room in DTC.

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Inflation-driven recession fears

Current macroeconomic conditions, like the rise in inflation, have led to major increases in the costs of production and consumer goods. As a result, consumers are shopping consciously, choosing to buy solely from the most trusted and well-positioned brands.

Astronomically high CACs, intensified competition, rising inflation, and a post-boom market have left many wondering…

Is DTC dead?

We don't think so. But it is evolving…

Today, all the trademark benefits of DTC still exist:

  • Higher profits without a middle-man
  • Control over your entire brand experience
  • The opportunity to directly connect with your customers
  • The ability to sell the customer over and over again — building a strong customer base

But the old DTC playbook that’s been followed for years is not up-to-date on the rules of the game anymore. Brands will need to pivot towards a different way of working. A different kind of partnership.

At Anatta, we believe that a traditional agency model is not equipped to help a DTC brand evolve, adapt, and grow in a changing market.

A traditional agency model is just not equipped to help a DTC brand evolve. After 15 years in the business, we think there’s a better way.



We’re making three game-changing shifts to redefine agency & brand partnerships and help your business thrive in today’s DTC.

key shift #1

Billable hours

A retainer price model that prioritizes your long-term goals

Hourly billing incentivizes an agency to insert as many extra hours into your engagement as possible. Sneaky upcharges, unexpected bills, and higher costs after the fact are surprisingly common.

Instead, Anatta offers a retainer model so that our teams are empowered to focus on your long-term goals and fast-changing needs. If your goal is higher LTV, we’re pivoting all our focus to learning where customers churn. If your goal is profitability, we’re digging deep to find needle-moving CRO opportunities.


How Anatta and Molekule collaborated for explosive growth, leading to an IPO.
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key shift #2

Split staff

A dedicated team of eCommerce specialists you don’t have to manage, train, or retain

"Split staff" means an agency's designers and developers have to switch from one project to another based on preallocated hours. And the more projects there are to switch between... the less quality attention your own brand receives.

Anatta teams are dedicated only. By not splitting our staff, we’re able to immerse ourselves in your business every single day. We wake up with your brand on our minds, and we go to sleep thinking of new ways to help you level up. Our nimble flexibility allows us to adapt to your evolving needs. Our deep experience helps us uncover opportunities for growth. Our undivided attention ensures that every detail gets the full attention it deserves.


How our partnership with Athletic Greens positioned their website as a gold standard in DTC.
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key shift #3

Silo working

Anatta acts as a genuine extension of your team

Agencies, by nature, work in a silo. That means you don’t always know who’s working on your project, or how time is being spent. You might feel like you’re being left in the dark, but with traditional agencies, that’s a feature. Not a bug.

At Anatta, we take a collaborative approach with our partner brands. We join internal meetings when needed. We’re part of business conversations and KPI reviews. We’re also available in your Slack. And if there’s an emergency, we’re working right beside you in the trenches to get it resolved. Because when something’s urgent for you, it’s urgent for us.


How we helped scale Rothy’s from $0 to $220M in 4 years, and achieve a $1B acquisition.
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Everything you need to unlock your untapped growth potential

Strategic Guidance + Tech Stack Expertise +
User-Centric eCommerce Design

Anatta partnerships are structured to provide your business with dedicated team members, bespoke strategy, and eCommerce expertise.

In Anatta partnerships, you aren’t taking on the challenges of a changing DTC alone. You always have a partner in your corner for experienced eCommerce support, confidence-inspiring guidance, and next-level tech solutions. 

With Anatta, you can…
  • Free up your focus as well as your team’s. 
  • Take on previously out-of-reach milestones and projects. 
  • Build bespoke solutions and processes that streamline your operations. 
  • Modernize your online store for exceptional performance & engaging consumer experiences.
  • Evolve from one phase of growth to the next.

Strategic Guidance

Team up with eComm Executives for road-map confidence

Anatta's senior leadership team joins in on strategy and kickoff calls, and is always available to you for support. Throughout your entire partnership with Anatta, you’ll have an informed, outside perspective to help steer your brand in the best direction.

With 10+ years of DTC experience, Anatta's leaders have played a key role in leading more than one company acquisition — Rothy's, Molekule, and SmartyPants Vitamins, to name just a few.

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“We never get ‘no,’ but we get pushback. And I love that because ‘no’ is a barrier. Whereas pushback let's us have a discussion. ‘Are you thinking about it the right way?’ And that's the level of partnership we hadn't had in the past. It’s one of the reasons this has been successful.”
Cezanne Huq profile photo

Cezanne Huq

Senior Director of Product Management

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Tech Stack Expertise

Industry-leading tech + Shopify expertise

Your website should be able to scale with your growth. Anatta builds and optimizes custom tech solutions for long-term stability, performance, and scalability. We aren't just slapping a bandaid on your tech challenges and calling it 'good.'

Our solutions deliver continuous value and reliability for years to come. That way, you and your team can focus on what you do best without the added stress of tech.

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“Technology was something we worried about before partnering with Anatta. It was the right move to work with them because they’re enabling us to scale. We’d be ripping at the seams if we hadn’t. They’ve been a great working partner.”
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Dave Chernow


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User-Centric eCommerce Design

eCommerce experiences that inspire action & build community

Success in DTC is all about understanding your customers, and their needs. Anatta’s Baymard-Certifed UX Team designs frictionless user journeys that delight store visitors and drive leading KPIs. From intuitive website navigation to effortless checkout experiences — we’ll clear any obstacles that stand between your customers and your products.

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“We went through a website retheme and saw incredible growth in terms of our eCommerce conversion rate. We went from 4% to 6%, which is insane in the eCommerce industry, which also helped improve our customer acquisition cost by almost half.”
Tran Ngo profile photo

Tran Ngo

Senior Director of Integrated Marketing and eCommerce

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Scaling DTC brands to DTC leaders
In 2021 and 2022, Anatta partners grew by
line 0 %
That’s 8x the industry average for mid-market DTC brands.
And in 2020, Anatta partners grew by
line 0 %
That’s 9x the industry average.

“There was a multiple times increase in terms of our output of what we did in the year prior to partnering with Anatta. So much so it broke internal records. We've never experienced this kind of output, ever, in the history of Dollar Shave Club. And that's all because of the working relationship we had with Anatta and the willingness of Anatta’s team to get things done."

dollar shave club logo

Kevin Sakamoto, Dollar Shave Club

Senior Director of Product Management

“Working with Anatta does not feel like outsourcing. They really feel like they’re part of your team, just not physically in your office… What we liked about Anatta was the way they’re packaged. Overnight, we went from zero to 60. Anatta provided us with a full-blown team of front-end developers, back-end developers, QA people, project managers, designers. They had the whole team ready to go.”

mack weldon logo

Charley Moore, Mack Weldon

Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations

“I had the opportunity to work with Anatta in the past. I knew that they were the only team I wanted to work with because they bring a UX-driven approach. There are so many agencies that love to pitch beautiful sites with all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, it just detracts from the sale. So I wanted a sexy site that also converted and accomplished our goals.”

smartypants vitamins logo

Eleah Portillo, Smartypants Vitamins

Direct to Consumer Marketing Director

“Anatta is a dedicated team that cares a lot. They’re going to help you think through what you need as a business and not just replicate something that they've done in a plug-and-play manner. With Nirav, I always felt like I had somebody who I could call at any point and get a response. They’re an agency—a partner—that I felt could really be an extension of my team.”

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Matt Gehring, Rothy’s

Senior Vice President of Growth Marketing

“I really enjoy working with the Anatta team. Over time, I have found it to be very similar to having an in-house team… Anatta has helped us make some good choices from a tech stack standpoint—like headless CMS or taking a server-driven approach to backend.”

athletic greens logo

Sushni Tumu, AG1

Vice President of Product

“Anatta is truly a professional web agency that's all-encompassing. They can do everything from user experience to A/B test, to getting your site functional, to really taking your site to that next level. Anatta will take your website essentially from any stage to that next top level.”

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Daniel James, Aventon Bikes

Director of Technology

We’re evolving to stay ahead of the DTC game.
Join us.

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Hey, I’m Nirav. CEO at Anatta.

Since 2008, my team and I have had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside inspiring entrepreneurs and DTC leaders. And in that time, our team has built some of the fastest, most engaging storefronts in eCommerce — backed by data-driven insights and our many years of experience.

Whether you’re looking for support on your next roadmap, or you just aren’t 100% sure what direction to head next, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send over your email address, and we can chat about your business, project, or future goals. All at no cost or obligation to you.

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