Since 2019, Anatta has helped Molekule maintain a 99.999% website uptime despite large waves of traffic, increase gross revenue 3x over 2 years in DTC, and reduce site load times by 400% to under 1 second—making it one of the fastest-loading websites online.

Molekule is a science and technology company that designs and manufactures air purifiers.

What we did for them

  • Headless eCommerce
  • Progressive Web App 
  • Web page speed
  • International expansion
  • New product launches
  • Desktop UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Less than 2 second load times
  • Systems integrations
  • Magento 2 eCommerce Integration
  • Prismic CMS Integration
  • Tealium integration & tracking
Molekule & Anatta

Success in collaboration

2019 Q1

The Roadmap

Molekule has been on the cutting edge of technology since their founding.

When they approached Anatta at the beginning of 2019, Molekule wanted to bring their website up to speed with their product, starting with a transition to headless architecture.
2019 Q1

Resourcing in action

Molekule determined three primary areas of focus: post-purchase subscriptions, migrating to a progressive web app to make the website mobile friendly, and business-focused performance. They employed one Anatta team: two UI experts, a UI architect, and a PM.

The dedication and quality of the team members is very hard to find.

Cezanne Huq

Senior Director of Customer Acquisition and Growth at Molekule

2019 Q2


Anatta continued their work on the Progressive Web App, rolling out phase two—which was fully integrated with Magento—in the second quarter. Anatta also built translation management into the CMS.

2019 Q2

From the PWA launch, site load times dropped to below 2 seconds, there was a 50% increase to time on site, and a 100% reduction in bounce rates. Molekule now had a single system for managing all their content.

Site load time reduced below

2019 Q3

Anatta continued their role as lead front-end team, actively assisting with any website changes and updates. Their responsiveness and clear processes helped Molekule continually optimize their website. Blog management was upgraded under a new CMS

We never get ‘no,’ but we get pushback. And I love that because ‘no’ is a barrier. Whereas pushback let's us have a discussion. ‘Are you thinking about it the right way?’ And that's the level of partnership we hadn't had in the past. It’s one of the reasons this has been successful.

Cezanne Huq, Senior Director of Customer Acquisition and Growth at Molekule

Cezanne Huq

Senior Director of Customer Acquisition and Growth at Molekule

2019 Q3

Anatta assisted in a new product launch and began phase one of integrating Molekule with Tealium for all site tracking,

resulting in a 400% increase in data points for reporting.

2020 Q1

Anatta kicked off 2020 with a website refresh, including a new homepage, program design language, and PLP. They launched new features like product bundling and updated Molekule’s gifting capabilities.

The results:  Improved checkout features and performance.

We continue to be the lead front end team for Molekule. Any website changes and updates they need, we make for them. Their site remains one of the fastest loading sites on the web, especially for a DTC brand. Managing and making updates is completely at the disposal of their marketing team

Nirav Sheth, Founder of Anatta

Nirav Sheth

Founder of Anatta

2020 Q2

By the second quarter, Anatta redesigned Molekule’s checkout and created an asynchronous loading of code for slices. They added an upsell feature on Side Cart. Checkout conversion rates increased by 17%, with a performance increase of 10%.

2020 Q3

Product Launch

Anatta helped with the Airpro product launch and focused on helping Molekule gain certain compliances, including ADA and GDPR. They continued to optimize site speed. Performance increased by 22% and Molekule achieved 75% compliance.

2020 Q4

In the final quarter, Anatta assisted with a product launch in Canada and continued with general optimization and compliance work—bringing overall compliance to 98%.

Molekule celebrated their best holiday season ever: a 200% year over year growth.

We're excited about the growth we've seen. I'll just leave you with this: Anatta is not only outcome-oriented, but aligned with our business. The outputs and the quality of Anatta’s work compared to business partners that we work with are two to three times more expensive — [Anatta] just blows those folks away.

Cezanne Huq

Cezanne Huq

Looking Forward

Today, Molekule has one of the fastest-loading websites on the internet. Since beginning their work together, Anatta has helped Molekule achieve a 99.999% uptime despite large waves of traffic, helped increase gross revenue 3x over 2 years in D2C, and reduced site load times by 400% to under 1 seconds. Anatta and Molekule are continuing their engagement into 2021.

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