Story of partnership

When Rothy’s first sought out a partnership with Anatta, the now globally acclaimed footwear brand was just getting its footing in DTC. But over the two companies’ 8 years of partnership, Anatta and Rothy’s didn't just walk. They sprinted. Together, they accomplished 6 site redesigns, 3 rebrands, and 2 platform migrations, and launched more than 400 CRO tests.

The defining result of the partnership was Rothy’s growth from $0 to $220MM in annual revenue at the 4-year mark. And then, the brand’s $1B acquisition in 2021.

Successful Launches
  • 4 Product Categories
  • 72 Product Launches
  • 8 BFCMs
  • Scaled from $0 to $220M Annual Revenue in 4 years
  • Acquired for over a $1B in 2021
Major Work
  • 6 Site Redesigns
  • 3 Rebrands
  • 2 Replatforms
  • 58 App & System Integrations
  • 400+ CRO Tests Launched

Success in collaboration

2015 Q3

Rothy’s was born from a radical idea: disrupt the women’s shoe industry by selling stylish, comfortable flats—created from recycled water bottles

In 2015, as Rothy’s was preparing to launch for the first time, the team met with Anatta founder, Nirav Sheth. Rothy’s was not large enough to enter a contract with Anatta. But Anatta offered some basic services to help their team along, including building their first website.

What followed was growth far beyond anything Anatta had ever seen.

The team is experienced across all major platforms as well as the broader eCommerce business perspective. We've worked with a number of agencies and I can say their work and efficiency is top-notch.

Stephen Hawthornwaite & Roth Martin

Stephen Hawthornwaite & Roth Martin


2015 Q4 - Q2

At the end of 2015, Anatta set up Rothy’s on Shopify, including creating 4-5 initial pages. As the team entered the new year, Anatta added new apps for Rothy’s tool suite to cover returns, logistics, customer helpdesk, and SEO.

2016 Q2

Month after month, Rothy’s kept selling out of their shoes. Orders doubled over every previous quarter. Anatta expanded Rothy's website and integrated it with tracking tools, analytics, and dashboards. This provided Rothy’s a clear picture of every channel and key metric in their business.

Anatta was also able to bring site load times below 4 seconds.

2016 Q3 - Q4

Anatta spent the second half of 2016 expanding and improving the user experience of the website. Rothy’s scaled their Anatta engagement by adding a UX resource to their team. Anatta created and launched the blog, several landing pages, and added new channels like Rothy’s referral program. At the end of the year, Anatta provided a new homepage design, and assisted with holiday promotions.

Blog design for Rothy's
2017 Q1 - Q2

In the first half of 2017, Rothy’s scaled again, adding a new UI resource and app developer to their team. With the additional resources, Anatta performed a full redesign of Rothy’s website. This included adding important new pages, such as a Features and Shop Instagram pages, and integrations with Apple Pay.

Anatta also set up Rothy’s backoff during this time. They added an Inventory Management System, a Shop Instagram page, and added Apple Pay, among other new integrations and features.

Many new features like Send a hint were brought onto the site.
2017 Q3

By Q3, Anatta doubled down on UX optimizations, using Baymard and Norman Nelson Group’s research as the UX standard. Anatta also upgraded Rothy’s CRM and refreshed several important web pages.

2017 Q4

Anatta also added a new important feature: Send a gift, which allowed customers to send Rothy’s shoes as gifts. Anatta also provided a proof of concept for Rothy’s to take their website headless. They were ready to take the website to the next level in the new year.

2017 results

Rothy’s orders continued to double quarter over quarter. By the end of 2017, Anatta created a formal CRO practice, incorporating design, testing, and reporting.

Anatta is a dedicated team that cares a lot. They’re going to help you think through what you need as a business and not just replicate something that they've done in a plug-and-play manner. With Nirav, I always felt like I had somebody who I could call at any point and get a response. They’re an agency—a partner—that I felt could really be an extension of my team.

Matt Gehring

Matt Gehring

former SVP of Growth Marketing at Rothy’s

2018 Q1 - Q2

The first half of 2018, Rothy’s scaled their team again, tapping additional Anatta resources. Rothy’s Anatta team now included 3 UX resources, 4 UI resources, 2 app developers, 1 project manager, and a QA.

2018 Q1

Anatta focused on two multi-phase projects: migrating Rothy’s to a progressive web app (headless architecture) and SAP. The new PWA launched in Q2, resulting in faster site load times, with SAP finalized by Q4 2018.

2018 Q3 - Q4

The Rothy’s - Anatta team scaled again. The new additions included a retention CMO, 2 ops resources, and 2 accounting procurement resources.

Every new resource through Anatta allowed Rothy’s to scale quickly, without expensive and time-intensive recruiting.

Anatta performed a site refresh from Q3 through Q4, as well as defined Rothy’s user personas and empathy maps. Anatta performed quantitative testing and helped Rothy’s achieve ADA and GDPR compliance.

2019 Q1

Following the SAP launch in Q4 2018, Anatta and Rothy’s kicked off 2019 with several key integrations. They focused on architecture optimization, set up both Optimizely and Happy Returns, and email notifications for backend applications.

2019 Q2

Anatta helped Rothy’s expand their offerings to new international markets. Anatta helped them launch a new international store in Canada. In addition, Anatta added customer care features, including a Customer Feed Management tool through Shopify API.

2019 Q3

The international expansions continued into the next quarter. Anatta helped Rothy’s launch in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom in Q3 2019. Anatta spearheaded another site rebrand.

2019 Q4 - Q1

From the end of 2019 into 2020, Anatta helped Rothy’s achieve ADA compliance for web accessibility and launched new products and their subsequent landing pages. Anatta helped spearhead a test launch for Rothy’s bags, which was successful. 

Working with Anatta was very much like I had my own in-house development team. They were like an extension of our team

Matt Gehring

Matt Gehring

Former SVP of Growth Marketing at Rothy’s

2020 Q2

By Q2, Anatta helped Rothy’s with several key launches. This included a discount program for medical professionals (in light of COVID-19) and a new product line of masks. Anatta also added a Shopify catalog with inventory information to the Rothy’s site.

2020 Q3 - Q4

Through the end of 2020, Anatta assisted with weekly and bi-weekly launches. They also implemented OneTrust for privacy compliance.

Anatta finished out the year with speed optimizations across the Rothy’s website.


During Rothy’s massive $0 to $140 million growth in four years, Anatta assisted with many launches, site improvements, and migrations. Despite exponentially fast-growing traffic, Anatta helped Rothy’s achieve a 99.9% Shopify uptime and a 99.99% uptime with PWA.

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