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Rothy’s is a San Francisco based producer of high-end 3D printed seamless shoes. Read about their success in Forbes.
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“The team is experienced across all major platforms as well as the broader eCommerce business perspective. We've worked with a number of agencies and I can say their work and efficiency is top-notch.”

Stephen Hawthornwaite & Roth Martin, Founders

Our Work

From the original launch in 2014 to today, Anatta has helped Rothy’s:

  • Build an eCommerce structure on top of Shopify Plus.
  • Design and build a completely responsive eCommerce experience.
  • Successfully complete a supply chain and warehouse overhaul.
  • Implement systems that allow their business to run with limited support.
  • Fully integrate their fulfillment and accounting systems.
  • Connect with digital marketing partners.
  • Strategize all app structures, operational needs and platforms they use along with Shopify.
  • Enhance revenue generating funnels focusing on mobile design and user experience.
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