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Athletic Greens was experiencing rapid growth when the brand first partnered with Anatta for expert tech guidance.

With Anatta’s support, Athletic Greens scaled from $15M to $150M in annual revenue in 6 years. Eventually raising $115M of the company’s $1.2B valuation.

Today, Athletic Greens is renowned in eCommerce circles for its storefront’s incredibly high-speed Anatta achieved via a PWA build, its unique landing page experiences, and its sweeping success not only as a Health & Wellness brand—but in DTC overall.

Photo of Athletic Green's products at a table
Successful Launches
  • 02 Products categories
  • 12 Product launches
  • 07 New Years
  • According to Business Wire, bootstrapped from $15M to $150M Annual Revenue in 6 years
  • Raised $115M on a $1.2B Valuation from Alpha Wave Ventures in January 2022
Major Work
  • 5 Site Redesigns
  • 28 App & System Integrations
  • 2 Rebrands
  • 250+ Tests Launched
  • 2 Replatforms

Success in collaboration

“Athletic Greens was continuing to grow and we were starting to scale the team,” explained Adam Trouncer, advisor and former CEO at Athletic Greens. Part of that expansion meant finding the right talent to take ownership of their tech stack. “We were looking for a technology partner or an agency for health and nutrition brands that could help us through that growth.”

2018 Q4

The roadmap

Athletic Greens chose to work with Anatta at the end of 2018. Anatta was immediately tasked with designing a website that converted and met Athletic Greens’ branding and design needs.

Photo of Athletic Green's products on a table
The team also wanted Anatta to bring technical expertise to help them make important decisions going forward.

“We wanted both high-level strategy as well as day-to-day execution,” Adam Trouncer said.

2018 Q4 - Q1

Athletic Greens employed a three-person Anatta team: Two UI resources and a part-time project manager. In their first quarter together, Anatta began to migrate Athletic Greens to a progressive web app, while creating a headless CMS for all web pages.

A digital product team of UX Designers and front-end developers planning the PWA build for Athletic Greens.
2019 Q1

Early results

The results were instant. Site load times dropped to below two seconds. Athletic Greens saw a 50% increase to time-on-site. The new CMS provided them with a single system for managing all their content. Athletic Greens used the flexibility of working with Anatta to replace one UI resource for a UX resource.

50 % Increase to time on site
2019 Q2

Flexible scalability

Following the PWA launch, Anatta completed several projects in rapid succession. They upgraded the USA + EU customer portals by migrating Athletic Greens to Recharge, a tool for managing subscriptions. Anatta redesigned several key web pages and added a part-time QA resource to the team.

An image of Athletic Green's updated customer subscription portal.

Customer satisfaction rose 50%. Conversions increased by 2.8%.

The Anatta team have really helped us improve our UI and UX and not just from a technology standpoint but also with the talent they bring to the table. They hire quality people who work hard to understand our business and what is important to us and our customers. Anatta have also been fundamental in helping us evaluate third party tools and integrations, even where they may not be involved, they put their hand up to assist in vetting and providing unbiased feedback, this has helped us make some great technology decisions

Ben Smith

Ben Smith


2019 Q4


In the final quarter of 2019, as part of the Athletic Greens rebrand, Anatta redesigned the AG’s home page, assisted the international expansion in Italy, created several landing pages, and performed debugging.

International membership increased by 50%.

2020 Q1 - Q2

Scalable talent

Athletic Greens brought their part-time UI architect in a full-time capacity and added a second UI resource at the beginning of 2020. By the second quarter, they had four full-time and two part-time Anatta resources working on their tech stack. 

I really enjoy working with the Anatta team. Over time, I have found it to be very similar to having an in-house team… Anatta has helped us make some good choices from a tech stack standpoint—like headless CMS or taking a server-driven approach to backend. Many eCommerce sites aren’t there yet and we already have that infrastructure in place

Sushni Tumu

Sushni Tumu

Vice President of Product at Athletic Greens

2020 Q1 - Q2


Anatta migrated Athletic Greens from Recharge to Upscribe to improve membership subscriptions. They also used the first two quarters to make several important updates to the website: Minicart updates, blog improvements, and optimization on certain landing pages. 

Especially for companies that don't have a strong internal tech infrastructure or backbone, Anatta can be the partner that makes all that available.

Sushni Tumu

Sushni Tumu

Vice President of Product at Athletic Greens

2020 Q1 - Q2

All in all, Athletic Greens experienced better infrastructure stability and a significant increase in international memberships. Anatta helped their team achieve full ADA compliance.

2020 Q3

Athletic Greens added another UI resource in Q3. The Anatta team focused on optimizing website speed and conversion rates, and achieved site load speeds under 1 second and improved conversion rates.

2020 Q4

Anatta finished out the year with a successful UK launch. The team optimized for—and raised—the average order value.

Looking forward

I think our biggest win this year is the performance improvements we’ve made to our site—and how close we’ve come to pushing out our refactored site. It was a massive effort that’s been one of our biggest wins this year.

Sushni Tumu

Sushni Tumu

Vice President of Product at Athletic Greens

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