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Athletic Greens is a New Zealand-based producer of a Daily All-In-One Supplement. The comprehensive formula is NSF CERTIFIED FOR SPORT® and the official daily supplement for USA Cycling. Athletic Greens engaged Anatta to completely rearchitect their web infrastructure and deliver a custom built & designed eCommerce experience.
Progressive Web App w/ 100% uptime with no incidents (Shopify uptime at 99.9% with 20+ incidents)
0.5 second first page load, 0 seconds for any other page
Custom recurring billing engine to provide no-frills execution of subscription management
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"The Anatta team have really helped us improve our UI and UX and not just from a technology standpoint but also with the talent they bring to the table. The hire quality people who work hard to understand our business and what is important to us and our customers. Anatta have also been fundamental in helping us evaluate third party tools and integrations, even where they may not be involved, they put their hand up to assist in vetting and providing unbiased feedback, this has helped us make some great technology decisions."

Ben Smith, COO

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