BRUNT partnered with Anatta at the beginning of 2022. Through bringing BRUNT’s website up to a new baseline, BRUNT has seen significant conversion rate improvements on mobile and desktop, while giving customers a better overall shopping experience.

BRUNT is reinventing the workwear category, starting from the ground up with work boots and apparel.

What we did for them

  • Web Page Speed
  • Desktop UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Systems integrations
  • Consistent connectivity
  • Less than 2-second load speed
  • Apps/Extensions/Plugins
  • Shopify Plus site launch
  • Heuristics & Implementation
Brunt & Anatta

Success in collaboration

2022 Q2

BRUNT Workwear was founded in 2019 to make high-quality, comfortable work boots and clothes. The DTC company saw early traction. 

A few years in, BRUNT’s leadership faced a difficult question: Could their website keep up with this continued fast growth?

BRUNT entered the market for an agency partner.

2022 Q1

In January 2022, after considering multiple agencies, BRUNT chose to work with Anatta to bring BRUNT’s tech stack up to industry standard.

“My relationship with [past] vendors is that they usually require a lot of management and hand holding. With Anatta, they lead the charge and don’t require much beyond regular interface. Don’t need management—just partnership.”
Dave Chernow
Cofounder of BRUNT Workwear
2022 Q1

BRUNT communicated their vision to Anatta. Some of the primary goals were to deliver a site experience that works in tandem with BRUNT’s marketing efforts, clean up the code base, remove friction in the backend and frontend, and improve the overall site speed and performance.

2022 Q1

Anatta was onboarded and got to work on the site. Early into the engagement, they discovered additional areas for improvement. For example, vital website features such as the Cart kept breaking. From a higher level, Anatta documented the overall user journey to make key site decisions easier and more data-driven. 

Anatta is very hands-on and does a good job managing their work. They have oversight on the day-to-day team and care about what they produce. Anatta goes above and beyond.
Dave Chernow
2022 Q1

Anatta performed basic heuristics. Most of Q1 was spent fixing bugs, improving user experience design, and bringing the entire BRUNT website up to industry-standard baseline.

2022 Q2 - Q3

Anatta kicked off Q2 by working on BRUNT’s product listing pages. Within just 11 days, the new changes raised conversion rates by 20%.

We’ve done significant work on their core web vitals and site speed optimization to deliver a frictionless user experience that’s accessible across any mobile device, no matter the user’s internet speeds.
Gabe Webb
Project Manager at Anatta
2022 Q3


After less than two quarters working together, the most significant metric improvements were achieved on mobile. Anatta helped BRUNT raise their mobile conversion rate by +40.7% and their mobile sessions and product views by 266%. 
40.7 % Increased mobile conversation rate by
Technology was something we worried about before partnering with Anatta. It was the right move to work with them because they’re enabling us to scale. We’d be ripping at the seams if we hadn’t. They’ve been a great working partner.
They’ve been a great working partner.
Dave Chernow

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