It’s Supposed To Look Good Everywhere

If your team or eCommerce agency is still treating the mobile customer experience separate from the overall experience  – you are behind.

People pick up whatever device that is closest to them to experience your brand. User expectations are higher than ever. Your online experience must look good everywhere.

It once was acceptable to have a great desktop site, a good tablet site, and an OK mobile site. That’s because that was the norm.

However, that expectation changed when all of the major eCommerce sites (Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Best Buy) set an impressive baseline. Their experiences are fast, intuitive, responsive, and look great.

It’s time to make the switch to the permanent mindset that great design is device-agnostic.

All modern design tool sets and project setups include the look and feel of all resolutions. Don’t let anyone (specifically eCommerce agencies) convince you that mobile and tablet are a separate experience. They do this for one reason – to extend the timeline of your engagement with them and to charge you more money than you should spend.

At Anatta – our natural inclination is that it better look great no matter what device your customers use. Why? Because it’s supposed to look good everywhere.

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    Nirav Sheth
  • Nirav is the CEO and founder of Anatta. Nirav received his engineering degree in 2006 from George Washington University. Prior to Anatta, he served as founder of Dharmaboost, a software company working with Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, and New Leaf Paper. He is also cofounder of Upscribe, a next-level subscription software for fast growing eCommerce brands.