Story of partnership

When Momentous first sought out Anatta’s partnership, the Health and Wellness brand was at a crucial juncture.

In its recent history, Momentous has experienced several transitions across various agencies and in-house teams, as well as undergone more than one acquisition. Acknowledging the need for a partner deeply entrenched in the health and wellness space, Momentous turned to Anatta to spearhead a transformative journey.

Anatta's initiatives extended beyond design enhancements to encompass a fundamental shift in the site's look, usability, and performance. With a keen focus on enhancing Momentous’ site speed, optimizing applications, and elevating user experience, Anatta embarked on a mission to modernize the brand’s eCommerce experience.

During the redesign, Anatta quickly established itself as a strategic partner, working alongside the Momentous team to uncover hidden insights and generate fresh expertise that unlocked the brand's growth potential.

After recognizing the game-changing value Anatta brought to the table, Momentous swiftly pivoted from their initial development plans, opting instead for a long-term partnership with Anatta.

  • Conversion Rates, Average Order Value, and revenue have all grown following Anatta’s redesign and back-end development work for Momentous.
  • Anatta acted not only as a design and development partner for Momentous, but also as a strategic advisor as the brand navigated the competitive Health and Wellness landscape.
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