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Since 2018, Four Sigmatic has partnered with Anatta to redesign their website, develop many new features, migrate to a PWA, and expand the international side of their business

Four Sigmatic is a functional foods company that wants to make the world’s most nutrient dense foods easier to consume by bringing elevated favorites into America’s daily routine. We’ve crafted crash-free coffee, almost-unbelievable plant protein, and other elevated essentials to work wonders all day.

What we did for them

  • Progressive Web App
  • Web Page Speed
  • Systems integrations
  • Less than 2 second load speed
  • Apps/Extensions/Plugins
  • Consistent connectivity
  • Prismic CMS Integration
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking & Integration
  • Heuristics & Implementation
  • AB & Split testing
  • International Expansion
  • Qualitative testing & improvements
Four Sigmatic & Anatta

Success in collaboration

2018 Q1

The Roadmap

Four Sigmatic launched in Europe in 2012 and made waves in the U.S. market by 2015.

For years, their website primarily served to educate customers and wasn’t optimized for eCommerce. 

They needed a technology partner to bring their site up to speed.

We were using three freelance developers. They were all writing with different styles of code, which resulted in site crashes. I wasn’t able to know what happened or track what they were doing. When something broke, I couldn’t get them to fix it early enough… We transitioned to Anatta, a dedicated agency, for security.
Basically: from chaos to clarity—and for me, the ability to sleep at night.
Markus Karjalainen
Chief Brand Officer at Four Sigmatic
2018 Q1 - Q3

Resources in action

Four Sigmatic needed a team that could respond to things quickly and keep up with their company’s fast growth. They started with a 90-day engagement with Anatta—employing one UX, one UI, and a project manager—to test the waters.

In less than 90 days, the Anatta team got us results. Not just any results - but results on CR and AOV. They’re now deeply integrated into our team and we feel like it’s ONE team now
Markus Karjalainen
Chief Brand Officer at Four Sigmatic
2018 Q1


After onboarding, Anatta immediately provided a handful of quick wins including improving conversion rates and solving a number of UX issues. By the end of their first quarter together, Anatta had increased the average order value and conversion rates. Four Sigmatic chose to continue the partnership.

Anatta is right for a brand that's looking for a long term partnership. The eCommerce landscape is ever-changing—and a good partner is worth investing in
Kaitlin Holiday
eCommerce and Data at Four Sigmatic
2018 Q2 - Q4


Through the end of their first year, Anatta continued with optimizations and several launches. Most notably, Anatta helped Four Sigmatic launch a PWA (progressive web app), reducing their bounce rates by 90% and improving site load speed to less than two seconds.

90 % Bounce rate reduced
Four Sigmatic is on the cutting edge of both technology and front-end user experience. They are willing to lead the pack instead of waiting for others to do it, which is a great part of their culture and brand.
Nirav Sheth
founder of Anatta
2019 Q1 - Q2


Four Sigmatic and Anatta kicked off 2019 with a full website redesign that was launched in two phases across Q1 and Q2. Every touchpoint on the website now shared a common design.

Many people who can make sites and write code are very linear. And I think consumer behavior and brands are not linear. It takes a different mindset. Nirav’s understanding of brand and eCommerce strategy exceeded my expectations
Tero Isokauppila
Founder of Four Sigmatic
2019 Q3 - Q4

Anatta then migrated Four Sigmatic from Klaviyo to Optimove, helping improve email conversion rates by 50%. Anatta also onboarded Four Sigmatic to Upstream to improve customer retention. 

We went from focusing on getting new customers to focusing on keeping customers. It’s been a mental shift. Anatta has been very good at helping us work on a more holistic roadmap for retention
Markus Karjalainen
2019 Q3 - Q4

Redesign for scalability

Ongoing UX improvements and new feature launches continued to increase Four Sigmatic’s average order value and conversion rates. Anatta began the early phases of another site redesign, this one focused on infrastructure stability and scalability.

2020 Q1

The new site design was launched in 2020. Along with it, Anatta helped Four Sigmatic attain full ADA and GDPR compliance. 

Anatta uniquely shines in their ability to balance wacky ideas and putting them into practice. They help you filter ideas and they encourage creativity, but they balance this with their practical understanding of technology.
Kaitlin Holliday
2020 Q2 - Q3


In Q2, Anatta overhauled the international website and created corresponding membership campaigns, significantly boosting international subscriptions. Among other launches and enhancements, Anatta also upgraded the PWA infrastructure and sharpened Four Sigmatic’s data reporting accuracy by 75%.

2020 Q4

Anatta contributed to the 2020 holiday campaigns, which exceeded sales records over the previous holiday season. By the end of 2020, Anatta overhauled Four Sigmatic’s Membership Experience, improving retention figures.

One of the really big projects that we were able to put together is our account portal, the place where a customer will login and manage their subscription. For our DTC business, subscription is really one of the biggest pillars and growth engines. Having a partner able to enhance that, prevent churn, and surprise and delight and keep our customers happy—that's a huge part of our business
Kaitlin Holiday
Anatta is really strong when it comes to UI, which I think comes from hiring really good people and seeing multiple other brands experience similar challenges
Tero Isokauppila

Looking Forward

Four Sigmatic and Anatta will continue their work together into 2021, with a mission to continue expanding Four Sigmatic’s international presence.

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