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Thesis offers personalized nootropics to boost your motivation, focus, energy, mood, and creativity.

Before partnering with Anatta in Q2 2022, the Nootropics brand, Thesis, was struggling to maintain their headless site. Thesis was also having trouble raising CVR after an underwhelming rebrand and re-design. Thesis turned to Anatta to migrate to Shopify Plus, scale their product quiz, create a Build Your Own Box feature, and optimize their subscription model.

Since Anatta and Thesis began their partnership, Thesis's conversion rate has risen by 69%. In May 2023, Thesis closed a Series A funding round of $8.4 million. Investors included Unilever Ventures, Redo Ventures, Alive VC, Break Trail, NBA superstar Kevin Love, and model Kate Bock.

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Major Work
  • 1 Replatform (Headless to Shopify Plus)
  • 1 Rebrand
  • 1 Reskin
  • 18+ CRO Tests Launched
  • Series A Raise of $8.4M
  • Since Anatta and Thesis began their partnership, Thesis's conversion rate has risen by 69%.
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Success in partnership

2021 Q4

Thesis Aims to Regain Focus & Clarity

Since 2017, Thesis has positioned itself as an innovative Nootropics brand — offering personalized formulas to support a wide variety of lifestyle needs. 

At the start of 2022, Thesis begins looking for a DTC eCommerce agency for help with their tech.
But in Q1 2022, a tightening tech bottleneck started delaying Thesis's ambitious roadmap. The brand chose to seek out a partner to help clarify their situation and get their KPIs back on track.

Prior to partnering with Anatta, Thesis had moved to a headless storefront that would complement their Product Quiz funnel. Thesis’s Product Quiz acts as a unique product discovery experience for customers. A headless site was meant to scale the product quiz and make it a staple of the brand's UX.

But, as the headless site continued to break, it became clear that maintaining the site was too demanding.

And the parts of the business Thesis wanted to focus on weren’t able to move forward. Like optimizing their Product Quiz and taking on a new site design to match a recent re-branding.

We had a team we outsourced our tech to. But all of their work would turn into bugs that I would then be up late trying to solve myself. I’d be sending them pictures of issues I found on the website and watching YouTube videos trying to put out the fires. The team just wasn’t consistent.

Dan Freed

Dan Freed

CEO & Founder at Thesis

After meeting with Nirav and the Anatta team, Thesis was convinced that a Shopify Plus site would be easier to manage. A Shopify Plus store would also empower Thesis to re-prioritize its intended roadmap. Anatta was onboarded as Thesis's DTC partner shortly after.

2022 Q2

Thesis and Anatta began their partnership in Q2 2022 with a Shopify Plus platform migration as the leading priority.

For the replatform, Thesis partnered with a Project Manager, UI Developers, Quality Assurance, and an Applications Engineer from Anatta.

Anatta’s team kicked off the first sprint by assessing Thesis’s site needs. Anatta then began compiling critical store data. Anatta’s goal was to ensure as smooth a migration as possible. That way, Thesis customers wouldn’t encounter a single gap in brand experience. 

The migration process from Thesis’s Chord-based headless architecture to Shopify Plus gets underway...

Anatta’s key priority in the migration was setting up the Thesis site for scalability and future growth. Custom features, like the Thesis product quiz, needed the ability to scale seamlessly as the brand continued to attract more customers.

An image of the Thesis nootropic blend, Energy

While our frontend team was focused on carrying over the site’s visual elements, we spent a lot of the time really digging deep into the backend to make sure that everything we were choosing would let Thesis scale and try different things.

Gabe Webb

Gabe Webb

Project Manager at Anatta

Reaching the end of Q2, Anatta prepared to launch the new Thesis site on Shopify Plus. Anatta also dedicated considerable time to ensuring the Thesis product quiz would remain intact. And that conversions did as well.

At the end of June 2022, Thesis was successfully launched on Shopify Plus.

An image of the new Thesis homepage Anatta helped design and build.
Thesis's homepage.
2022 Q3

With both teams energized from Thesis’s migration to Shopify Plus, entering Q3, Anatta began developing a fully custom Build Your Own Box feature. The BYOB feature aimed to boost the personalization of Thesis products for new and returning customers.

Following the BYOB build, Anatta and Thesis kicked off Q4 2022 with a full site redesign. Both Anatta and Thesis wanted to create a stronger unity between the existing Thesis site and their latest re-branding. 

Coordinating closely with the branding agency Thesis had hired, Anatta began building out reskins of store pages.

The goal of Anatta’s reskins was to confirm the projected KPI increases from a new page's design without impacting customer engagement or conversions. Anatta also launched A/B tests for each newly designed page to make sure customers were engaging with the updates.

We made sure that we had a lot of processes in place so that there was no confusion around who was doing what, making sure that we were collaborating efficiently with both Combo—the branding agency Thesis was working with—and the Thesis team as well.

Teonna Dyer-Johnson

Teonna Dyer-Johnson

Managing Director at Anatta

For the site rebrand, we had hired another agency. They’re great designers, but they didn’t necessarily understand CRO or eCommerce best practices. We leaned on Anatta to own that side of the redesign and to help us maintain conversions.

Maranda Lujajohnson

Maranda Lujajohnson

Director of Special Projects at Thesis

2023 Q1

Anatta continued working closely with both Combo and Thesis, aiming for 90% or more of the redesign to be completed by the end of Q2 2023.

By the end of Q2 2023, the new pages of Thesis’ site were live.

An image of the newly designed site pages on the Thesis website

From March of 2022 to March 2023, Thesis’ conversion rate rose 69%.

An image of the Thesis product, Clarity

Looking forward…

Through the rest of 2023, Anatta plans to reimagine Thesis’s customer portal. The changes will allow customers to customize their subscription plan. And track ongoing experiences with Thesis blends in a personal journal. Anatta has also launched more than 18+ CRO tests that are projected to meaningfully increase Thesis's annual revenue.

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