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Story of partnership

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Aventon manufactures eBikes with healthy lifestyle enthusiasts in mind.

Since its inception, Aventon has had an avid customer base of professional and casual bikers alike. As the brand reached the mid-market level, Aventon was having a difficult time keeping pace. Content deployments took weeks longer than they should have. And Aventon’s CRV was far lower than other brands in their space.

After partnering with Anatta in Q2 2022, Anatta supported an entire rebuild and redesign of the Aventon site — resulting in drastically faster deployment times, a 21.8% increase in CRV & 20% increase in total revenue.

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  • New site architecture that’s scalable and modular.
  • Overall conversion rate rose 21.8% since partnering with Anatta.
  • 20% increase in total revenue.
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Success in collaboration

2022 Q1

Aventon Decides to Shift Gears

Founded in 2013, Aventon made a key pivot to eBike manufacturing just 5 years later in 2018. Over its now 10-year history, the brand has grown a large and avid fanbase of professional and casual bikers alike.

An image of someone riding an Aventon bike at a fast pace
By the beginning of 2022, however, Aventon started experiencing a tight bottleneck with its development and marketing efforts. Aventon’s website simply wasn’t built to accommodate the needs of an expanding mid-market DTC brand.

After measuring their KPIs against industry benchmarks, it became exceedingly clear Aventon was falling out of the race.

We started getting a lot of third-party noise from others saying benchmarks for the category were X, or our Shopify rep would send us benchmarks for other brands in the space. We would also hear from our CEO who was interacting with brands that were saying their conversion rate was 2x to 3x higher than ours. That's when the alarm started to ring. Our conversion rate, according to all these third-party sources, was much lower, and we were leaving money on the table as a result.
But we were stuck. We were unable to do it on our own.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon

In Aventon’s day-to-day, projects were slow to get off the ground. But the number of projects in the backlog continued to grow. And Aventon’s internal development team was stuck pedaling on an arduous, razor-thin bike trail. Any changes or updates to the Aventon website needed a lot of time, coordination, and effort.

At that time, the job market was extremely tough, and hiring was extremely hard. But we had a huge backlog. The way that our Dev environment was set up, it wasn't really built to scale. On top of all of this, we literally had myself and one developer.
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
It just took our Dev team, unfortunately, a really long time to do things because they were also being distracted by all the other business units. So something that could take two to three weeks would take eight to twelve weeks to get done. And it just wasn't working fast enough.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon

Tired of being stuck with rusty chains, Aventon knew it was time to find a trustworthy tech partner to help break them out of their growth plateau and get their site up to speed. 

However, the process of vetting potential partners was an unexpectedly difficult challenge in and of itself.

When we started looking for an outsourced partner, it was a laborious process that we went through. Interviewing potential partners, getting proposals, and then meeting them. And what we found in that process was that Anatta was the most thoughtful. Anatta had a team that just cared the most when we interacted with them. And Anatta’s approach was really unique in that it allowed us to augment and extend our team, versus replace the team.
With Anatta, it was like having an extension of our team.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon
When we started speaking with the Anatta team, you could tell they really took their dev process seriously. And we knew that whatever we were going to build with Anatta was something that would be built to last, and not something that was just another band-aid.
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
After every interaction we had with Anatta, we would walk away really impressed, and feeling really excited, inspired, and confident in the capabilities of the Anatta team. Whereas with other agencies, we would walk away like, ‘Wow, that was not great.’ Every interaction we had left us feeling like, ‘Do they even want our business?’
It just didn't seem like the other agencies cared.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon
2022 Q2

Anatta was onboarded in Q2 of 2022. Aventon teamed up with a UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Developer, Quality Assurance Tester, and Project Manager. Anatta quickly began auditing Aventon’s website to get a comprehensive perspective on where it stood terms of speed, scalability, and performance.

During Anatta’s audits, Aventon’s situation was apparent. First, Aventon’s Shopify theme wasn’t built to scale. And their existing back-end codebase was challenging to maintain and update. But simply cleaning and refactoring Aventon’s codebase wouldn’t fulfill Aventon’s surmounting needs. Or be adequate enough to raise its storefront to a consumer’s modern-day expectations.

A team of Shopify developers from Anatta optimizing Aventon's codebase

To truly modernize Aventon’s website, Anatta began rebuilding the codebase entirely from scratch, prioritizing both scalability, performance, and modularity. For faster development times in the future, Anatta set up build tools like Webpack. And with Anatta’s support, Aventon’s hard-coded website became increasingly more flexible—and functional.

When we started this interaction with Anatta, we had outsourced a lot of the site's rebrand. But the team we had would haphazardly upgrade the site. And so there were a lot of little errors. The site just had a lot of sticky points and things.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon

Since Aventon needed near-daily deployments to either update site content or run promotions, Anatta integrated both Tailwind & Prismic so that Aventon could easily update sitewide content.

When we first onboarded Aventon, they were using the default Shopify theme structure with mostly static websites that needed deployments every day or two. The code structure was not scalable or maintainable.
Amit Mundra
Technical Lead at Anatta
We weren't reusing code. We weren't doing anything component-based. Everything that we were building had to be built from scratch. We didn't have a CMS implementation setup. We didn't even have Vue set up in our stack. So one thing that really won me over with Anatta’s team, was that we knew where we needed to go, and those were the things Anatta came to the table with.
It was just like, ‘Yep, we’re on the same page.'
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
When Anatta came to us with a plan, it was thoughtful, and it considered our needs and our pain points. They really listened to what we were struggling with, and the solution they came back with was a solution that was very specific and clear to those needs.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon

As a DTC business selling eBikes, Aventon’s product detail pages require more information than typical PDPs. So launching new products often took a large amount of Aventon’s bandwidth. With Anatta’s Primsic CMS integration, development time improved dramatically.

We put a lot of attention to detail in our PDPs. And what Anatta allowed us to do, is take that PDP and put it into Prismic. So now, when we’re launching new products, it only takes us 20 minutes, at least from the development standpoint, whereas previously, it would take us about the week prior leading up to the product launch, and then the night of it would take us two to three hours. And the whole entire Dev team would be up. We'd be having to re-push code because we found a bug and we didn't have a way to preview it. It just wasn't a good process.
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
2022 Q4

As Anatta rounded the corner on improving Aventon’s internal development process and site performance, Anatta leveraged the momentum to begin bolstering Aventon’s user experience.

An image of someone riding an Aventon bike

Anatta designed and implemented additional product categories, product filtering features, a Cart Drawer customers could use to quickly access their cart and see additional product recommendations, and enhanced the overall navigation of the storefront. In addition, Aventon’s on-site search was optimized for stronger product discoverability and browsing.

An image of Aventon's updated product search features Anatta's team designed and developed

Aventon also enlisted Anatta’s help in building out their “Butts on Bikes” initiative — which resulted in a “Ride Before You Buy” landing page where Aventon customers could test ride their chosen Aventon bike at local stores.

An image of the Test Ride page Anatta designed and developed for Aventon's website

Throughout all of Anatta’s UX changes and suggestions, Anatta’s primary goal was maintaining the unique Aventon brand while incorporating data-backed best practices for DTC.

In our approach, we always understand that our partners know more about their brand and their users. So, we reflect their brand knowledge and identity throughout the process of building our features and redesigns—and then infuse those iterations with what we know works for eCommerce.
Ruben Oviedo
Principal Creative Director at Anatta
Anatta knows what's best in the sense of best practices and, overall, what should be done. And I think the hard part can be working with a company that has its ways of doing things. Typically, a traditional agency would just be like, ‘Oh, yeah, I see what you're saying. Let's just do it that way.’ But what I appreciated from Anatta is the way that they would kind of push back and be like, ‘No, you know, you guys should really do it like this. This is coming from our experience in the space and what we've done in the past.’
Anatta doesn’t necessarily just put their foot down but works with us to get us on the same page about what they're thinking. And in my opinion, that's what we needed. Sometimes being stuck in our own ways is harmful.
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
2023 Q1


From a new development system to optimized UX—all this work delivered fast returns for Aventon.

Aventon’s total revenue has increased by 20% since their partnership with Anatta began.

21.8 % CRV increase

4.9 % RPS increase

13.8 % Reduction in Bounce Rate
An image of a woman riding an Aventon bike on a city bridge
The site functions way better now in terms of the customer and consumer experience. And prior to that, there were just constant issues. There was always something broken. There were pages that were not updated and pages that were, so there was no cohesion in the design. The site just didn't feel like it was a proper representation of who we are as a brand and where we are today.
Now, I'm actually proud of the site and what the consumer gets to experience.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon
Anatta is truly a professional web agency that's all-encompassing. They can do everything from user experience to A/B testing, to getting your site functional, to really taking your site to that next level.
Anatta will take your website essentially from any stage to that next top level.
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
2023 Q2

Anatta finished out Q2 of 2023 with extensive user acceptance testing. Anatta also built out an A/B testing program for CRO and set up Aventon’s GTM and GA integrations.

An image of two people riding Aventon bikes in a desert

For Aventon, an Anatta partnership not only helped elevate their storefront’s user experience… But transformed time and resource-draining internal processes into streamlined, efficient systems that also produced a more consistent level of quality.

Before, I felt like I was in the weeds on a day-to-day basis just because our team was so strapped. I would literally stay up until midnight. Midnight almost every night, working with our other developers on some of this stuff. By doing automation with Anatta’s help, it allowed me to take a step back and let the marketing team do what they do, which is be creative and come up with ideas, and allowed our dev team to focus on what they do well, which is creating new tools and better features.
Daniel James
Director of Technology at Aventon
I've often said it to our team… We needed Anatta. We couldn't have gotten to where we are now without Anatta. And to be clear, that is a fact.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon
It's never easy to integrate an entirely new team and have it be seamless and perfect. But with Anatta, at every stage where there were sticky points, rather than getting frustrated and disconnecting like I know agencies tend to do when the client is difficult — Anatta does the opposite.
Anatta has actually been more supportive when things got tougher. And I think that starts from the top down—that's a representation of Nirav as a person, and the team that he's built.
Adele Nasr
Chief Marketing Officer at Aventon

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