Anatta & buybuy Baby Land E-Commerce Moonshot

Our team partnered with buybuy Baby to achieve what most considered to be impossible: migrating a $1.5 billion enterprise business to the Shopify Plus platform in just 90 days.

The popular baby retailer was acquired by Dream on Me after its parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Determined to maintain the brand’s reputation and expansive customer base, buybuy Baby sought deeply experienced and trustworthy partners to collaborate with in designing, developing, and launching a modernized eCommerce storefront. The new buybuy Baby online store will enable its customers to begin shopping again, making it the first and most crucial step in the retailer’s comeback.

“Both the quality and efficiency of the all-new, along with mobile apps, retail store locations, and a registry solution, was a masterful collaboration resulting in an unprecedented launch timeline in the retail industry,” said buybuy Baby Chief Technology Officer, Amit Malhotra, “Leveraging the dedication, talent, and industry insights of our in-house digital team, alongside Anatta’s extensive experience in omni channel platform technologies and Shopify Plus’ robust platform, allowed us to rethink the playbook entirely. This innovative approach ensures a ‘clean sleeve’ with minimal technical debt, setting a new standard in online retail experiences.”

A project of this magnitude, requiring a platform migration of over 30,000 SKUs and millions of customer records, coupled with the complete redesign of the $1.5 billion enterprise brand’s website, would require a year to pull off. buybuy Baby’s goal, however, was far more audacious: to be back online and better than ever with an initial launch in just one month. 

This challenge seemed impossible to most of Anatta’s competitors. What others saw as obstacles, however, Anatta recognized as opportunities – to raise industry standards, set new records, and achieve what others could not. 

Meeting this goal in less than a quarter to help stand up a brand new business required an extraordinary degree of cross-functional coordination, communication, flexibility, commitment, and collaboration.

Even so, Nirav Sheth, Anatta’s CEO, acknowledged that, “The buybuy Baby launch was a total moonshot. There wasn’t a playbook for this feat, other than lots of communication, trust, and really talented people on all sides of the partnership. I’m incredibly proud of how our team partnered with buybuy Baby and Shopify Plus to deliver a transaction-ready, gold-standard speciality baby retail site within 90 days. One that will empower buybuy Baby to reconnect with its customers, and reposition itself for future success.”

buybuy Baby’s new website can be accessed at

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    Nirav Sheth
  • Nirav is the CEO and founder of Anatta. Nirav received his engineering degree in 2006 from George Washington University. Prior to Anatta, he served as founder of Dharmaboost, a software company working with Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, and New Leaf Paper. He is also cofounder of Upscribe, a next-level subscription software for fast growing eCommerce brands.