Story of partnership

Following a referral from Rothy's, Mack Weldon partnered with Anatta in 2020 to help maintain their growing eCommerce site.

For the past 4 years, Mack Weldon has taken on many ambitious roadmaps alongside Anatta. Mack Weldon has scored BFCM wins, launched new products, and much more. Most recently, MW has opened 8 new retail stores and secured 8 more retail partnerships.

Anatta's confidence-inspiring approach has supported Mack Weldon’s journey to becoming an industry-leading Menswear brand.

Successful Launches
  • 3 Product Categories
  • 34 Product Launches
  • 4 BFCM
  • 8 retail stores, 8 retail partners
Major Work
  • 2 Site Redesigns
  • 1 Rebrand
  • 1 Replatform
  • 31 App & System Integrations
  • 130+ Tests Launched

Success in collaboration

2020 Q1

The Roadmap

After replatforming from Spree to Shopify, Mack Weldon struggled to find the right digital team to maintain their eCommerce site.

They worked with freelancers, agencies, and even hired an in-house team. No solution quite fit their requirements.

At the beginning of 2020, Rothy’s referred Mack Weldon to Anatta. They began working together in March 2020.

Working with Anatta does not feel like outsourcing. They really feel like they’re part of your team, just not physically in your office… What we liked about Anatta was the way they’re packaged. Overnight, we went from zero to 60. Anatta provided us with a full-blown team of front-end developers, back-end developers, QA people, project managers, designers. They had the whole team ready to go.

Charley Moore

Charley Moore

Vice President of Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon

2020 Q2

Resourcing in action

Mack Weldon employed two UX resources, two UI resources, a PM, and a QA from Anatta. After onboarding, the team started with heavy heuristics and the first phase of bringing Mack Weldon up to ADA compliance.

2020 Q3

Flexibility to scale

An App expert was added to the Mack Weldon-Anatta team at the start of Q3. The team completed the ADA compliance, performed UX tests, planned and implemented Mack Weldon’s Donation Program, and integrated with Prismic.

I can bring up problems we're facing or run through ideas I've had. Anatta will tell us what they think, help us understand what's possible, and share what they've done in the past. They bring a confidence-inspiring approach.

Riley Ambrose

Riley Ambrose

Product Manager at Mack Weldon

2020 Q3

Mack Weldon’s conversion rates increased by 5%. The integration with Prismic provided a new level of autonomy to the marketing team.

5 % CR Increase
2020 Q4

Overcoming technical hurdles

UX tests and optimization continued across the website. Anatta helped Mack Weldon overcome sudden hurdles that arose with a new implementation of Happy Returns. In addition, the team launched new features for the Gift Scheduler, bundling, and Combo PDF.

Heading into November, we were planning to move to a third-party customer returns app, Happy Returns. But the way we were doing bundles on our site was not going to work with the new tool. Anatta not only built the functionality we needed to create bundles the way we had been, but on top of that built a feature we've talked about having for years. I think it’s going to be a big part of what we do next year.

Charley Moore

Charley Moore

Vice President of Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon

2020 Q4

The new feature launches and optimizations helped Mack Weldon see improvements across the board: revenue increased 23%, average order value increased 5%, recurring revenue increased 44%, and conversion rates rose 9%.

23 % increase in revenue

5 % Increase in average order value

44 % increase in recurring revenue

9 % increase in conversion rate

You can't really go wrong with Anatta. They've been such a wonderful partner

Gigi Teutli

Gigi Teutli

Senior Director Product and Customer Experience at Mack Weldon

When we write the book on Mack Weldon a decade from now, I'm sure Anatta will have a chapter unto themselves.

Charley Moore

Charley Moore

Vice President of Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon

Looking Forward

Mack Weldon and Anatta will continue their partnership into 2021, with high ambitions to launch new products, optimize the website, and keep making shopping for men’s basics a simpler experience for everyone.

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