Story of partnership

When Vegamour first reached out to Anatta, the brand’s site speed and performance were falling below modern standards.

Development inefficiencies and unoptimized Shopify theme architecture impaired the brand’s site conversions and, as a result, its growth. 

Following an implementation of SpeedCurve, Anatta began identifying critical performance bottlenecks across the Vegamour site and optimizing for performance. Beyond traditional CSS and JavaScript optimizations, Anatta leveraged their Unique Performance Architecture for Shopify themes. The architecture reimagines how Shopify’s code is called for drastically faster load times and industry-leading performance. 

Over the course of only a four-month engagement, Anatta’s site optimizations yielded tangible results. Vegamour experienced significant enhancements in site speed and overall performance. Anatta’s CRO findings have also helped set the stage for Vegamour’s sustained growth and success.

  • In just 4 months, Vegamour went from sluggish site speeds that harmed conversion to performance standards that now facilitate a modernized consumer experience.
  • Anatta’s Conversion Rate Optimization work has helped lay a foundation for Vegamour’s continued growth.
  • Conversions, site speed, and AOV noticeably increased.
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