Story of partnership

Anatta and Vuori began their partnership in July of 2023 following a rigorous RFP process.

Vuori was aiming to secure a digital product team with both a high level of Shopify proficiency and previous achievements with complex enterprise technology systems. Despite competing against several enterprise firms, Vuori ultimately chose to partner with Anatta. 

By providing supplemental technical architecture, back and front-end development, and quality assurance, Anatta has significantly boosted the velocity of development work for Vuori. Over the past ten months, Anatta has also led various Shopify initiatives, including Shopify Checkout Extensibility and Exchanges API integration. 

Notably, Anatta's role as Vuori’s Technical Architect has played a pivotal part in the brand’s ability to operate and manage a headless Shopify solution. 

Currently, Anatta is developing custom middleware to streamline Vuori’s ERP integration with Shopify, and overall, enhance dynamic operations.

  • Anatta’s flexible team augmentation model enabled Anatta to “bolt” onto Vuori’s previously stretched-thin Engineering and Product team, accelerating both speed to market and quality assurance for Vuori.
  • Anatta’s leading focus on velocity and quality improvement has led to a substantial reduction in bugs and issues before new feature deployments.
  • Significant initiatives included Shopify checkout extensibility, Exchanges and ERP integrations, and point-of-sale solutions.
  • Anatta's capacity as a Technical Architect played a vital part in maintaining Vuori’s headless Shopify site and confidently driving ongoing development efforts.
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