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Application engineering is the process of building, customizing,
and integrating software applications that improve your
brand’s customer experience or speed up internal processes.

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How Can Application Engineering (AE) Services Help DTC Brands?

AE services help your brand create or integrate solutions and features that enhance customer experience and increase team efficiency. With application engineering, you can develop features like loyalty programs or product bundling. AE also empowers you to integrate third-party CRMs, order management solutions, and more, right into your tech stack.

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Anatta’s Application Engineering Services

Anatta provides end-to-end AE services — from the design of an application to its development, maintenance, and integration into your tech stack.

We’ve integrated features for our clients like:

  • Product quizzes
  • Product bundling
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift with purchase
  • Social media feeds
  • Customer re-targeting
  • Subscription management portals

We’ve also optimized integrations for our clients, such as:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • PIM
  • OMS
  • Warehousing

Why Partner with Anatta to Build or Integrate Your App?

A common challenge DTC brands face is understanding just what’s possible with their tools and technology. Brands may have a vision for an app or feature, but making that vision a reality might be a bigger project than it seems. And, most of the time, buying an app instead of building an app helps you get to market faster with the right features.

At Anatta, we’ve integrated a wide variety of applications. We know what’s possible. We also know what features could help deliver the most value for your brand depending on your current situation.

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  • Aventon logo
  • Beekeeper's Naturals logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • SmartyPants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
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Frequently Asked Questions — Application Engineering

What are Shopify applications?

With Shopify apps, you can tailor a shopping experience to better suit your customers’ needs. Features like product bundling, which automatically shows customers items similar to their purchase, can be built in via a Shopify or eCommerce app. Apps that already exist on Shopify’s marketplace can also be customized to integrate better with your store or align with customer trends.

Today, a variety of apps are available for merchants on Shopify’s platform to buy or subscribe to — but depending on the specific features and add-ons you want, Shopify may not have exact offerings out-of-the-box.

Buying apps can also cost your brand a monthly fee or a percentage of your revenue. And you’ll still need someone to correctly integrate the app into your store or customize it to suit your brand’s needs. However, buying apps instead of building apps will allow you to go to market faster.

How long does it take Anatta
to integrate or optimize a Shopify
app for my brand?

The time it takes to engineer an app depends on the complexity of the app itself. However, Anatta’s team has integrated and optimized a wide variety of custom DTC eCommerce applications. Pulling from our previous experiences, our application engineers can deliver high-performing apps within your desired timeline.

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