Beekeeper’s Naturals partnered with Anatta beginning in 2021 to assist with a full website redesign. The partnership included improvements to mobile experience, subscriptions, and more—all intended to give customers the best user experience

Beekeeper’s Naturals is reinventing the medicine cabinet by creating clean, effective products powered by the beehive and backed by science.

What we did for them

  • Web Page Speed
  • Desktop UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Systems integrations
  • Consistent connectivity
  • Less than 2-second load speed
  • Apps/Extensions/Plugins
  • Shopify Plus site launch
  • Heuristics & Implementation
Beekeeper’s Naturals & Anatta

Success in collaboration

2021 Q4

Beekeeper’s Naturals was founded in 2017 and quickly saw demand for their growing line of health products. By November 2021, with an established product lineup, the team decided to rebrand their website and bolster their online shopping experience for customers.

Beekeeper’s Naturals considered multiple agency partners before finally selecting Anatta for the job, based on a referral. 

Anatta is not just there to help build your website. They’re your website solution who also helps with CRO, development, and subscription.
They’re an all-in-one solution who can be with you forever. You can treat them as an extension of your team
Daniel Millar
COO at Beekeeper’s Naturals
2021 Q4

The goal was a full website rebrand. Beekeeper’s Naturals wanted to update colors, fonts, and images, as well as align their website and packaging. Meanwhile, they wanted to improve conversions, subscription retention, and churn.

Beekeeper’s wanted to raise website conversions. The challenge was balancing eCommerce best practices with the desire to tell a larger story through their new brand image
Emily Lykins
PMO at Anatta
2021 Q4

Anatta was onboarded in November 2021. Another agency was tasked with a lot of the branding work. That meant Anatta dove straight into optimization: bringing the entire site to industry standard.

2021 Q4 - Q1

Anatta’s main focus was quick wins. What could we do to improve subscriptions, loyalty, average order values, and the overall site experience? The plan was to work closely with the branding agency so that the website was ready for a March launch.

2022 Q1

The new site was a success when it went live in mid-March 2022. The data showed that multiple core site and conversion metrics improved. The new design was both easier for users and more beautiful, proving a strong collaboration between both agencies and the Beekeeper’s Naturals team

We saw a strong conversion rate uptick at launch.
Daniel Millar
2022 Q1

With web conversions up, it was time to double down on customer retention. In April, Anatta began focusing on the Loyalty and Subscription plans.

2022 Q2 - Q3

Over the next two months, Anatta upgraded the Loyalty Program to allow current customers to be rewarded for regular orders. Anatta also made major improvements to Beekeeper’s Naturals’ subscription program, allowing customers to receive greater discounts (and convenience) by signing up to receive their favorite Beekeeper's Naturals' products automatically.

The new retention improvements went live in April—with immediate impact.

Anatta upgraded the portal and added improvements to the cancellation flow. They made it easier for customers to change, add to, or moderate their subscriptions. It’s now easy to use and hopefully gives people a reason to not cancel.
By upgrading the subscription, we saw retention go up and churn go down.
Daniel Millar
2022 Q3

Anatta worked on additional projects in April to improve the overall shopping experience. A sticky add-to-cart button was added to the page, making it easy for customers to shop as they scroll. Anatta also added an upsell feature to bolster the average order value.

So many agencies are just designing a beautiful website. But Anatta really understands what that means.
Everything about Anatta is conversion-rate focused. They often provide thoughtful feedback, with data to back up ideas they believe are worth our time. They’re very in sync and very practical.
Daniel Millar

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