Since 2019, Anatta has helped Caldera + Lab multiply their on-site conversion rates, 3x their number of landing pages, implement a popular subscription for their product, and expand into new international markets.

Caldera + Lab is a green tech skincare company. They create high-performance men’s skincare by combining pharmaceutical-grade science, nature’s purest and most potent ingredients, and sustainable business practices.

What we did for them

  • Landing page creation / optimization
  • Web Page Speed
  • International expansion
  • New product launches
  • Desktop UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Systems integrations
  • Brand narrative development
  • Packaging design
  • Redesign
  • Heuristics & Implementation
  • AB & Split testing
  • International Expansion
  • Qualitative testing & improvements
Caldera + Lab & Anatta

Success in collaboration

2019 Q1

The Roadmap

At the start of 2019, Caldera + Lab was primed to build upon the success of their debut product, The Good.

As a DTC brand, they wanted to scale through the development of a repeatable purchase funnel—while also improving their digital presence to match the allure and performance of their premier product.

Caldera + Lab chose to partner with Anatta based on a referral.

The team is experienced across all major platforms as well as the broader eCommerce business perspective. We've worked with a number of agencies and I can say their work and efficiency is top-notch.

Jared Pobre

Jared Pobre

Co founder of Caldera + Lab

2019 Q2

Conversion rates and average order value mattered to Caldera + Lab, but their primary goal was to use Anatta’s expertise to collect data, test small tweaks, and take their digital presence up a notch. Anatta was tasked with bringing their website to a new baseline from which Caldera + Lab could successfully launch future products.

2019 Q3

Resources in action

Anatta deployed one digital team—a UX expert, UI expert, a QA and PM—to optimize existing landing pages and launch into new markets. They implemented light heuristics to bring the site to a new baseline, improving the standard conversion rate by 13%. The average order value increased by 5%.

With Anatta, we went through meticulous AB testing of every element of the page to determine the content, the copy, and the imagery that is most appealing to our customers. We built out every section of the page to maximize the return on spend.

Jared Pobre

Jared Pobre

Co founder of Caldera + Lab

2019 Q4


Anatta continued to build out core pages on the Caldera + Lab website. They implemented several key landing pages, including around key holiday promotions. All marketing launches were executed per scope and on time, resulting in 22% rev growth, a 64% conversion rate increase, and a 3% increase to the average order value.

22 % increase in revenue

3 % Increase in average order value

64 % increase in conversion rate
2020 Q1

At the start of 2020, with revenue up 158%, Caldera + Lab doubled their engagement with Anatta, launching a second digital team.

Caldera + Lab and Anatta kicked off 2020 with high aspirations: in addition to building more landing pages across the website and creating a skin quiz, Anatta was tasked with implementing a loyalty program—something rare in the men's skincare industry.

2020 Q1

The ability for Caldera + Lab to quickly scale their team made it possible for them to get even more done. With the new improvements and additions, Caldera + Lab saw a 15% lift in their average order value. As a result of the loyalty program, their returning customer rate increased by 51%. 

Since men do not typically buy beauty products, we had to explain Caldera + Lab’s benefits using a clear narrative. On top of that, we really went deep into the science and the proof—explaining all the details around certifications and quality. Caldera + Lab’s certifications are some of the best in the industry.

Nirav Sheth

Nirav Sheth

Founder of Anatta

2020 Q2

Optimization and landing page creation continued through the second quarter. Caldera + Lab saw revenue increase by 93%, conversion rates increase by 2%, and the average order value increase by 0.6%.

93 % Increse in Revenue

0.6 % Increase in average order value

2 % increase in conversion rate
2020 Q3


Anatta continued their optimizations into the next quarter. They also began adding new functionality to the website, including implementing Forgot Password functionality for an improved user experience. Anatta helped Caldera + Lab achieve CCPA compliance.

2020 Q3

The continued improvements helped revenue rise by another 17%. Meanwhile, the number of returning customers jumped by 45%, with the average order value and conversion rates up 4% and 1.37%, respectively 

17 % Increase in Revenue

4 % Increase in AOV

1.37 % CR Increase
2020 Q4

By the end of 2020, Anatta launched new holiday landing pages and campaigns, added new features for upselling, Esthetician Booking, and gifting. They helped Caldera + Lab expand into two new regions: The UK and Canada.

As a result, revenue rose 63% and conversion rates increased by 9%.

There's no one working on a part of the site that isn't experienced in that particular area—you know, web development, or content and copywriting—whatever it might be, they have dedicated swim lanes for each one of the team members. And each team member performs exceptionally well

Jared Pobre

Jared Pobre

2020 Q4

2020 was Caldera + Lab’s best year yet,
with a 59% increase in returning customers, a 16% increase in average order value, and a 6% conversion rate increase.

Looking forward

Caldera + Lab and Anatta will maintain their partnership into 2021, with big projects on the horizon. Caldera + Lab plans to keep expanding their green product line, with a continued focus on simplifying the user experience, boosting revenue, and exceeding the high standards Caldera + Lab customers have for the website and product.

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