eCommerce Interaction Design (IxD)

Engaging, clear, and thoughtfully designed micro-interactions for boosting conversion rates and increasing retention.

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What is Interaction
Design (IxD) in

IxD is a UX Design area focusing on the user's micro-interactions on your eCommerce website.

Interaction Design considers the small animations and responses of each clickable element on an eCommerce storefront. For example, the size and placement of touch targets on mobile sites are a key part of Interaction Design. Interaction Design also involves how your brand’s CTA and shopping cart buttons behave when a user clicks on them, and where these buttons are placed.

As customers browse products on your website, they interact with a wide variety of buttons and features that help them move through their purchasing journey. Anatta’s Interaction Design services ensure the conversation between your customers and store plays out seamlessly.

How does Interaction Design influence the DTC customer journey?

Interaction Design (or IxD) involves the moment-to-moment, micro-interactions a user has on a DTC site throughout their purchasing journey. Using the onsite search bar, adding items to the cart, or moving through each step of the checkout process, are all examples of micro-interactions.

How easy it is for a user to progress through each interaction will impact your most important KPIs, like conversion rate and revenue.

What is Anatta’s philosophy on Interaction Design?

In all parts of our UX Design process, Anatta focuses on the user (your customers) and their experience more than anything else. While flashy site animations or novel navigation can look exciting, if a user can’t find what they’re looking for or easily complete their desired action, your brand’s UX Design becomes a frustrating experience. And that frustration is then associated with your brand.

Every action a customer takes on your site should feel simple and easy to complete.

Why Partner with
Anatta for your store's IxD?

Anatta balances engaging micro-interaction designs with intuitive usability.

By focusing on the user and their needs, our UX Design team helps create a better shopping experience with your brand. That way, customers come back more often, and your community grows!

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