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UI stands for “user interface,” which relates to the way
your site’s buttons look, how they’re laid out, and the
structure of your site’s navigation.

How effortless it is for users to navigate your site
and complete their desired action will affect leading KPIs
like conversion rate.

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A UI Developer developing an eCommerce site's user interface.

What is User
Interface (UI)
How is it different
from UI Design?

UI Design is the process of designing the visual appearance and interactive features of your store. UI Development transforms that visual design into a functional interface users can interact with.

UI Developers build the actual interface using front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. UI Developers also ensure the interface is responsive and accessible on different devices or browsers.

A team of UI developers optimizing a DTC store's user interface.

What is Anatta's
approach to UI

Anatta’s UI Developers have experience building intuitive user interfaces within both Shopify Plus and headless commerce. With Anatta, you can expect a responsive, fast, and high-performing storefront optimized for target customers.

Our own custom front-end development framework prioritizes extremely fast site speeds (less than 2 seconds load time) and performs at a 99.999% uptime.

Overview of Anatta’s UI Development services:

  • Anatta’s dev team uses GitHub and deployment tools that allow more than one developer to work in the same environment in real-time. If you’re already working with freelancers or have an in-house development team, Anatta’s developers can seamlessly integrate with their workflow.
  • Our developers are versed in CSS 3, React, & Vue languages, and work directly inside Shell terminal.
  • Anatta leverages "component-based designs" that make it easier for developers to build and integrate UX and UI designs with your front-end code or Shopify Theme.

Why Partner With
Anatta for UI

Anatta’s UI Development team transforms visually intuitive user interface design with responsive functionality.

We can help you:

  • build a front-end framework that scales with your brand
  • meet customer expectations of a fast-loading site
  • promote smooth customer journeys
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Leading DTC brands that trust Anatta's services.

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  • Athletic Greens logo
  • SmartyPants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla Beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking Into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
  • True Botanicals logo
  • Cariuma logo
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  • Aventon logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • SmartyPants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla Beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking Into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
  • True Botanicals logo
  • Cariuma logo
  • Blueland logo

Frequently Asked Questions - UI Development

Can you tell me more about Anatta’s
development process?

Each of our UI Developers follows best practices for coding, such as “Don’t Repeat Yourself,” which makes improving and building your code easier for developers in the future — even if/when your contract with Anatta ends. Efficient, reusable code is also paramount to site performance, as tech debt is a constant.

Here’s a complete rundown of Anatta’s front-end development work:

  • Anatta’s dev team works in VueJS/ReactJS, with frameworks that include React Router for client-side routing and Redux for state management. Many of our developers also use Axios for executing HTTP requests.
  • NextJS/NuxtJS are our popular methodologies and include utilizing the built-in server-side rendering capabilities and using a library like Next/Nuxt Router for client-side routing. State management is handled using libraries like Redux/Vuex or the new React context API.
  • Instead of CSS, we use SCSS for advanced customization and features.
  1. Reusability: SCSS allows us to write reusable code, which helps cut down on development times, as well as improve consistency throughout your project.
  2. Organization: SCSS helps organize your site’s CSS by grouping related styles together, and separating them from the rest of your code.
  3. Maintainability: SCSS enables Anatta’s development team to maintain your code more seamlessly. Updating, changing, and debugging are all streamlined with SCSS.
  4. Improved performance: With SCSS, our developers can structure your CSS in a modular way, which keeps us from duplicating your code and impacting your site performance.

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