User Experience (UX) Research

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User Experience (UX) Research is an ongoing process that uncovers your customers’ needs and wants, then evaluates whether your brand’s UX meets those needs and wants.

Why does UX
Research matter
in DTC eCommerce?

UX Research offers valuable insights into your store’s funnel as well as target customer behavior, and the relationship between the two. UX Research is all about understanding what’s actually happening when users move through your funnel and why it’s happening.

Without both quantitative and qualitative data to inform new site features or page designs, you risk “flying blind” and wasting resources on a poorly performing feature.

What can I expect
from Anatta’s UX
Research team?

Our UX Research Team brings your user personas to life. Leveraging customer psychology, we build a comprehensive narrative about your brand's unique user journey. Then, we'll lean on this narrative to uncover opportunities where your UX can be improved.

Throughout your entire engagement with Anatta, you also can expect to be presented with frequent insights aligned with your target KPIs, and detailed reports on your competitors.

Anatta's UX Research services benefit DTC brands by:

  • Discovering themes about target users
  • Informing a website's UX Design to boost conversions
  • Providing insights into a customer's product browsing & purchasing journey
  • Collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing quantitative & qualitative data on competitors and users

Why Choose Anatta?

Anatta’s UX Researchers adopt a holistic, forward-looking approach to pinpoint key opportunities in your funnel before, during, and after changes are made to your store’s layout and features.

At Anatta, we prioritize understanding how your users engage with your brand across devices and demographics so we can optimize your UX for their unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions — UX Research

What is UX Research?

User Experience (UX) Research uncovers themes, trends, and data about user behavior on your website. UX Research informs UX Design features of your site by revealing where customers encounter usability issues.

UX Research combines both the what and the why of your site and your customers to help build a narrative for insights and growth.

How long does UX Research take?

UX Research is an ongoing process that aims to provide continuous updates about user behavior, DTC trends, and changes made to your eCommerce site. With a dedicated UX Researcher, your brand can stay ahead of the latest industry shifts.

UX Research vs. UX Design

UX Research informs UX Design. Without the customer data gleaned from UX Research, you won’t know for certain if your website’s new design will enhance or hinder your user experience. For existing parts and features of your website’s UX Design, UX Research plays a key role in continuous optimization.

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