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In 2021 Biostime partnered with Anatta to design a US version of their website. This included creating a web experience that was both beautiful and functional.

Biostime is the world’s #1 brand of children’s probiotics supplements. They offer a range of children’s products, including infant formula, toddler drinks, and other probiotics and vitamins.

What we did for them

  • Web Page Speed
  • Desktop UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Systems integrations
  • Consistent connectivity
  • Less than 2-second load speed
  • Apps/Extensions/Plugins
  • Shopify Plus site launch
  • Heuristics & Implementation
Biostime & Anatta

Success in collaboration

2021 Q2

HH Global wanted to bring their leading child probiotics brand, Biostime, to the United States. Biostime already had a strong brand presence abroad. Now the team wanted to redesign and rebrand their website for the US market.

After considering bids from four agencies, Biostime partnered with Anatta in February 2021 because of the agency’s experience working with popular CPG brands.

We wanted someone that had a history of working, not only in e-commerce but specifically within the CPG space. We also liked Anatta’s mobile-first perspective
Adam Stark
Sr. Director, Digital & D2C, H&H Group
2021 Q1

Biostime had a tight deadline. They needed to launch the new site in the summer, which meant Anatta had about five months to fully onboard and perform the complete website rebrand and redesign from the ground up.

Even though the build and project deadlines were demanding, the collaboration efforts from HH Global allowed us to be successful in launching in a short timeline. Adam was a great partner who got feedback cycles done fast. This was a key part to our success.
Nirav Sheth
founder of Anatta
2021 Q1 - Q2

After their initial research and onboarding, Anatta started with the home page, cart, and header/footer at the end of March. By the middle of April, the team began building product listing pages and developed style guides to keep all progress on the brand.

2021 Q1 - Q2

Biostime requested Anatta to build a website that was both user friendly and beautiful. It needed to be functionally simple while also providing a memorable appearance that would bring customers back again and again.

2021 Q2

Anatta moved quickly but refused to cut corners. The team followed UX best practices: from product detail pages to quizes, Anatta followed core web standards to ensure the best usability.

One thing that separates Anatta from everyone else is their structure. Within any other agency, you have a very defined roadmap that leads to rigidity. Every additional need you have is sold a la carte. With Anatta, they were part of our team exclusively and not being pulled in other directions. When we saw that some initial concepts needed alteration, Anatta pivoted very quickly. For example, if I had an idea about design, we got on Slack or Zoom and just knocked it out.
I didn’t have to wait for the account manager or wait to get the team together. We could work together immediately.”
Adam Stark
Sr. Director, Digital & D2C, H&H Group
2021 Q2

Anatta continued to move quickly. Upon design approvals, the UX team handed the initial pages to the UI team by the end of April. With the goal of combining a simple user experience with a beautiful design, one of the key benchmarks for success was Biostime’s bounce rate. 

2021 Q2

Anatta kicked off QA and remediation in May. The UX and UI teams continued to push new pages and features into development. The website was coming together.

2021 Q2

On the side, Anatta created a site quiz, email templates, customer service integrations, and subscriptions to bolster the effectiveness and usability of the new website.

2021 Q3

The website launched on August 10. From that time through October, Anatta continued to optimize and add new features to Biostime’s website.


With the summer launch, Biostime immediately saw positive results. The site’s bounce rate was below 30%. Anatta also didn’t bog down the website with unnecessary plugins. This resulted in a lean, fast, and altogether beautiful website.
30 % The bounce rate was below
I think it should be an award-winning website. Anatta is a best-in-class agency when it comes to developing eCommerce sites and experiences. They're not going to be the cheapest, but they're going to be the best. And they're going to be committed to you from A to Z, making sure that you're following best practices. They will put in the time and attention that any CPG company wants.
If you're looking for a partner who can take what you're thinking and bring it to the next level, and also think long term to help you scale later, then Anatta is the partner for you.”
Adam Stark
Sr. Director, Digital & D2C, H&H Group

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