A/B Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Traditional CRO programs often have brands looking for a needle in a haystack. While blindfolded.

In DTC eCommerce, A/B testing is used in Conversion Rate
Optimization (CRO) to compare two versions of a webpage
or app screen and determine which one performs better in
achieving a specific goal, such as increasing sales or email
list sign-ups. 

Anatta’s CRO approach seeks out impactful
A/B test opportunities.

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What do DTC eCommerce brands get wrong about A/B Testing for CRO?

A/B tests take considerable resources to plan, conduct, and analyze. Especially if you aren’t testing the right part of your funnel. All too often, DTC brands and agencies alike fall into the trap of “Let’s just test it,” when there’s nothing to test or the right opportunity just isn’t there. Even if your brand experiences small gains in the short term, the cost and effort of low-impact A/B tests would be better spent somewhere else.

Instead of recycling the same A/B tactics that result in small ROI, Anatta looks for the big CRO opportunities that move the needle forward.

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How does Anatta approach A/B testing?

The value of an A/B test depends on the potential value it can generate for your brand. Therefore, we believe that the hunt for the right opportunity is as important as the solution you're testing. If not more important.

Anatta A/B tests for big swing opportunities ($500K+ in return), like a redesign, that support continuous and long-term growth.

Why Should You Partner with Anatta for CRO?

Without the right mindset and strategy, A/B testing can have you and your team running in circles. There’s no worse feeling than implementing a new solution that performed well in an A/B test but, when published, shows little to no real difference for your brand.

At Anatta, we leverage user research, data, and our experience with other prominent DTC brands to find the right CRO opportunities that warrant A/B testing and that will deliver ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions — A/B Testing & CRO

What is the best way to run
an A/B test for CRO?

In eCommerce, A/B tests for CRO usually result in a meager return (<10%) or even lead to a negative result. Brands often don't see the harm in testing each new idea that comes up, but in reality, most ideas shouldn't be tested. When the right opportunity is there, however, a good testing process must always be followed.

A more effective way of conducting CRO A/B tests follows these steps:

  1. Turn your ideas for A/B tests into a hypothesis.
  2. Rank each hypothesis for impact versus effort.
  3. Prioritize these tests from low effort/high impact to high effort/low impact.
  4. Outline test requirements for UXers to create a prototype.
  5. Conduct a test for a small pool of users to see if there's interest.
  6. If interest is there, it's time for your engineering team to develop the test.
  7. Establish your goals for the test and watch your data closely.
  8. Run the test until you reach statistical significance, then report the findings.

Is A/B testing necessary for
DTC eCommerce brands?

A/B tests that are thoughtfully planned and have the right opportunity can be valuable tools for growth. With the right A/B testing program, brands can better understand their customers, clarify where their funnel creates friction, and successfully prioritize impactful features.

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