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Since the inception of “going headless,”
Anatta has been at the forefront of building
headless solutions for leading eCommerce brands.

Headless commerce is a technology that removes the “head” of
your eCommerce store from its “body.” The head is the
presentation layer (how your site looks to customers), while the
body makes up the functionality parts hidden behind the scenes.

Anatta’s unique perspective and experience with headless
solutions will help your DTC brand build an incredibly fast online store.

And clarify if headless commerce is the right move for you.

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What is “Headless”
Commerce in DTC?

Headless commerce is often discussed as a way brands can future-proof their tech. Headless builds let DTC eCommerce brands customize their user experience and seamlessly scale their site. Headless builds can also make your storefront extremely fast and responsive.

With headless architecture, a storefront’s design and development are decoupled from eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Separating the front-end and back-end of a site from one another allows designers and developers to use a wider range of tools and enjoy greater flexibility in their work.

Today, a brand’s online store can have headless components while still being attached to a platform such as Shopify Plus. Hydrogen is Shopify’s framework for headless solutions, while Oxygen acts as hosting for a headless Shopify store.

A photo of a front-end developer sitting at a table with their laptop open developing a headless site.

Can Anatta help
my DTC brand
go headless?

Anatta has led the development of headless builds and headless PWAs for some of the most recognizable brands in eCommerce. In the past, we've encouraged our clients to transition to headless builds for better site performance and customization.

Today, Anatta primarily builds headless storefronts within Shopify Plus.

Why Choose Anatta
for Headless

Beyond helping your brand migrate to a headless or modular build — we also understand when it’s the right time to go headless. In our experience, we’ve often seen brands make the jump to headless commerce before they’d see a real benefit. Which parallels their tech stack and puts more strain on their team.

If you feel that headless commerce is your only option for next-level growth, Anatta can help you confidently determine if headless makes sense for your brand where it is today.

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  • Smartypants Vitamins logo
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Frequently Asked Questions — Headless Commerce

Can Anatta build Headless
Commerce solutions with Shopify?

For DTC brands who want to go headless, we feel that Shopify’s headless framework is the best solution. Shopify’s Hydrogen and Oxygen bring the stability of a dedicated platform with the customization benefits of headless commerce.

Should your brand go headless?

Headless commerce offers several benefits for DTC brands such as:

  • More security
  • Faster site speed
  • Better control over technical SEO
  • Greater customization of your site
  • Streamlined content management

However, headless commerce can be a huge undertaking if you don’t have the right team supporting you. A headless website must be built thoughtfully, or you risk bloating your tech stack, slowing down your site, and creating more fires to put out later on (like your site going offline). With the greater flexibility of headless commerce often comes higher upkeep.

When does it make sense for
a DTC brand to go headless?

A DTC eCommerce brand will likely see the full benefit of headless commerce when:

  • You’ve reached a high growth point: At a certain threshold, you may be better equipped to hire more developers and designers. Building out your front-end team could allow you to create a fully native brand experience, and be able to maintain it.
  • Your offer is primarily subscription-based: Shopify does have integrations with subscription management software like Recharge. But going headless may help with the flexibility of your site and subscription revenue model.
  • Your CMS is inefficient: If publishing content on your site is a bottleneck, a headless CMS will help your content team move faster. A headless CMS can also help optimize your content for different user devices.

With the right eCommerce partner, you’ll confidently know if going headless is the best choice for your brand.

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