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A beautiful website without reliable functionality is
like a diamond-encrusted Rolls-Royce without wheels.
It may look flashy and extravagant, but can it take
you where you need to go?

Performance optimization is the process of improving
your site’s speed, reliability, and user experience on
both desktop and mobile devices.

Anatta optimizes DTC sites for fast page loads
and responsive store features.

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Why does
matter in DTC

A high-performing site is key to long-term DTC growth. Today’s consumers expect a great shopping experience from eCommerce sites, whether they’re on their computers or smartphones. Since 63% of online purchases in 2022 were made on mobile devices, a website optimized only for desktops leaves money on the table.

Likewise, how fast your site loads will impact if a user actually browses your products. Research shows time and again that users will bounce from your site if pages take longer than a few seconds to load.

A slow, outdated mobile or desktop site:

  • Lowers your conversions
  • Raises your bounce rates
  • Cripples your discoverability in search
  • Impedes your brand’s growth potential today, and tomorrow

For DTC brands to truly thrive, they need an exceptional online storefront that offers a pleasant customer experience every time.

A photo of a team of eCommerce developers analyzing the site speed of a Shopify site in a meeting room.

What is Anatta’s
philosophy when
it comes to website

Over the last decade, mobile traffic and shopping have grown year over year. Yet many DTC brands still own outdated mobile sites that are costly to maintain and clumsy for customers to use.

At Anatta, we emphasize a mobile-first approach that elevates your site’s mobile experience to a modern standard—while also elevating desktop performance to the highest level possible. Additionally, we believe that your eCommerce site should easily scale as you do. So, we built our own unique performance architecture for Shopify Themes and PWAs that delivers an exceptionally high-performing digital store for years to come.

Why Partner with
Anatta for
Optimizing Your Site

Site speed and responsiveness are the two biggest factors of a great user experience. If a customer struggles to load your site on their mobile device, at best, they’ll switch to their desktop to complete their purchase. But more often than not, a customer will bounce. Which means they remember your brand for your poor-performing site instead of your products.

Our team prioritizes a complete modernization of your site that jumpstarts speed and performance for lasting impact.

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Leading DTC brands that trust Anatta’s services.

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  • Beekeeper's Naturals logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • Smartypants Vitamins logo
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  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking into Wall Street logo
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  • Aventon logo
  • Beekeeper's Naturals logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • Smartypants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
  • True Botanicals logo
  • Cariuma logo
  • Blueland logo

Anatta’s Unique Performance Architecture

You can only fix eCommerce site speed issues with changes
to your site's underlying architecture. Yet most of the advice
you're likely to hear suggests tactics like:

  • Using a Lazy Load
  • Uninstalling apps to reduce JS
  • Limiting your number of pop-ups
  • Decreasing the size of thumbnail images

The speed gains from these changes are often minimal, they
still fail to meet consumer expectations, and they don't address
the root issues slowing down your site.

Anatta developed a unique, comprehensive Performance
Architecture for both Shopify Themes and Headless PWA
to consistently achieve a less than one-second load time
on mobile and desktop.

  • Anatta's Shopify Performance Architecture
    • Retrieves data with Shopify storefront API
    • Leverages a separate CMS and retrieves data with Shopify node API
    • Uses Webpack to compile dynamic components into static files

An infographic of Anatta's custom Shopfiy Theme architecture.

  • Our Headless PWA Architecture
    • Vue.js & Nuxt.js frameworks
    • Node API for caching layer
    • Shopify Storefront + Admin APIs
    • Prismic for CMS
    • AWS

An infographic of Anatta's custom Headless PWA site architecture

We’re evolving to stay ahead of the DTC game.
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