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User-friendly eCommerce experiences for leading KPIs.

In DTC eCommerce, user experience encompasses all points of
interaction customers have with your brand's website. How easy it
is to navigate between pages, browse product catalogs, or find
helpful content — each relates to "user experience" or "UX."

UX Design is the process of designing features that customers
interact with on your storefront.

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A photo of a team of UX designers designing an eCommerce store experience from their laptops on a table.

Why is good UX/UI Design important for DTC brands?

Your website's UX/UI Design is central to your brand's reputation. Clunky, poor-performing UX Design will have customers writing your brand off for good. On the other hand, customer-centric UX Design will boost your conversions and support long-term growth.

Today, the top converting eCommerce sites prioritize removing friction between customers and their desired products.

A DTC brand's UX includes the following:

  • ADA Accessibility
  • Checkout process
  • Customer support
  • Product navigation
  • Homepage navigation
  • Mobile site experience
  • Onsite search functionality
  • Product images and videos
  • Website copy and typography
  • Organization of products
    & product categories

Anatta's UX Design Philosophy

How does Anatta approach
UX/UI Design?

Anatta’s UX Design team delivers on-brand,
conversion-optimized UX tailored for DTC eCommerce.

A UX Designer viewing an eCommerce site's Mobile UX Design.

The user (your customer) always comes first.

Anatta places your target users at the forefront of our process to boost conversions, AOV, and repeat purchases. During our design process, we always ask ourselves, “Will a user immediately know how to use this feature? Or will they have to learn how to use it?” If a user needs to learn how to use a feature, that feature will alienate your customers rather than enhance their experience on your site — which means fewer conversions and slower growth. It should be insanely easy for your customers to browse products, add them to their shopping cart, and complete their orders.

Mobile UX as Anatta’s design priority.

In 2022, more than half of online traffic came from mobile devices. And yet, many eCommerce brands still struggle to optimize their user experience for mobile. Our UX Designs take a “mobile first” approach, so no matter what device a customer uses to browse your store, they’ll have an exceptional experience.

A photo of a team of UX Designers at a table planning out an eCommerce store's UX design.

Engaging Micro-Interactions & Animations for effortless journeys

Micro-interactions help communicate to users that their mouse clicks and finger taps are registered by your site. At Anatta, we build micro-interactions that enhance the experience of your site. That way, your customers can seamlessly move from one step in their purchasing journey to the next.

Leverage DTC research from UX industry leaders

The Baymard Institute and the Nielsen Norman Group have both built an expansive collection of proven UX guidelines for DTC eCommerce. Our UX team is trained and certified according to their standards.

Since 2009, Anatta has enhanced brand and customer relationships through thoughtful UX Design. We've helped DTC brands such as True Botanicals, Rothy's, and Mack Weldon optimize their UX for better shopping experiences that lead to higher conversion rates and LTV.

Why Partner with Anatta
to Design Your Store's User

Anatta leverages data and user research to optimize your store experience for frictionless customer journeys. After our initial audit of your website, we uncover quick wins via small changes before starting broader design work. At each step of our UX Design process, we place your customers first — helping your conversions and AOV rise quickly after our partnership begins, and delivering long-term value for your brand.

We also take a holistic perspective of your entire user experience. We’re very cognizant of how small changes cascade into large changes for your site’s customer experience.

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How does Anatta
approach UX/UI Design?

Anatta's design framework follows a strategic & streamlined
process for efficiency and quality.

Your brand's Style

Anatta's UX Design Framework begins with creating a "Style Library" unique to your brand and customers.

An icon of a style library

Sketches & LoFis
within hours:

You'll have eyes on our UX Design concepts within hours of a project's green light. That way, we can move quickly along our shared roadmap and ensure our design work is aligned

An icon of a pencil drawing a UX Design concept

Meticulously-detailed HiFis:

After you approve our concepts, we move forward with the design of Mobile HiFis that brings your web pages to life. You're not just seeing the page's design — you'll be able to interact with the design as well, experiencing it exactly as a user would.

An icon of a HiFi UX Design prototype.

Component-based Designs for Efficiency & Seamless Additions:

With our built Style Library, Anatta streamlines our Design → Development flow with ready-made website elements. This approach allows our team to move faster and create future web pages more efficiently.

An icon of component-based design process.

Leading DTC brands that trust Anatta's services.

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  • Aventon logo
  • Athletic Greens logo
  • SmartyPants Vitamins logo
  • Ayla Beauty logo
  • Vimergy logo
  • Breaking into Wall Street logo
  • Caldera + Labs logo
  • True Botanicals logo
  • Cariuma logo
  • Blueland logo

Design (IxD)

Anatta’s UX Design services include Interaction Design (IxD). IxD is the design of small animations and customer-feature interactions throughout your store.

IxD is just one part (albeit an important part) of your brand’s overall user experience. IxD focuses on the experience a user has when adding products to their cart, completing a form to sign up for your newsletter, and more.

These small interactions may seem less important than other parts of your user experience. However, engaging micro-interactions will enhance your customer experience, driving your most important KPIs.

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User Interface Development

Our UI Developers work closely with our UI Designers to develop the functionality of your store’s visual features. Anatta’s UI Development process helps ensure you have a responsive, scalable storefront paired with a user-friendly design.

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Asked Questions
— UX/UI Design

Why does good UX/UI Design lead
to better business?

The easier a shopping experience you create for your customers, the more likely it is that your site will convert. And convert more often. The best eCommerce sites you’ve been to all likely offered a seamless, fast shopping experience that felt so easy to browse you didn’t even think about it.

When a site has confusing navigation or hard-to-use features, you instantly recognize how frustrating it feels to find the right product.

Good UX/UI Design in eCommerce is so intuitive and user-friendly that we often take it for granted. Awkward, complex UX Design, on the other hand, your customers notice right away, increasing the risk they’ll bounce and not come back.

How does UX/UI Design add value
to an eCommerce brand?

User-friendly UX/UI Design can help a DTC brand build the foundation for a growing community of high-value, lifetime customers. Specifically, effective UX Design will add an immediate boost to conversion rate and AOV. But it will also raise your LTV across each SKU. Because when a customer has a good experience with your website, they’ll feel encouraged to return again and again. As well as share your brand with the people in their lives.

How long does UX Design take?

The timeline of a UX Design project will depend on its scope, your goals, and the designer’s process. Implementation and testing also impact the length of time. Typically, a design project can take around 1-3 months or longer.

With Anatta, our UX Design projects follow a process that looks like this: 
LoFis (within hours after briefing) —> HiFis. 

Our team also builds and utilizes a style library, leveraging component-based designs that allow our UI Developers to build out designs much faster.

What is UX Design versus UI Design?

UX (User Experience) Design is about the user experience of a product (i.e., an eCommerce website), while UI (User Interface) Design is the presentation or appearance of a website and its features.

For example, let’s say you bought a new pen. It’s sleek and shiny and even lights up. These parts make up the pen’s UI. But as you’re starting to write with the pen, the ink keeps changing colors and blotching all over the page, creating a bad UX. Alternatively, you could think of UX and UI using a computer keyboard as an example. The way keys are laid out on a keyboard relates to UI, while the experience of typing with the keyboard relates to UX.

What is UX Design versus UX Research?

UX Research shapes UX Design. If research finds that customers are having trouble using a certain feature on your site, these insights can be leveraged to optimize the design of that feature. UX Research behaves like a doctor. It finds and prescribes a solution to a problem. While UX Design is like medication — it’s the solution, or treatment, in action.

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