Cart Abandonment: How To Prevent Leaving Money On The Table

You are leaving money on the table when 65% of your customers who add a product to cart don’t complete a checkout.

They were convinced to add a product to their cart but not convinced enough to finish the transaction.

You are leaving money on the table if your page load time takes more than 3 seconds.

55% of your visitors wanted to see what you had to offer, but they left when your site was too slow to present them your brand.

You are leaving money on the table when you have a pre-qualified source of traffic from referrals (that can convert at 15-20%) but you don’t design a personalized offer and landing page for this audience.

They trusted you based on a referral but when they arrived they didn’t feel welcomed or special.

There are plenty of opportunities to convert visitors into long term customers.

The choice is whether you are willing to optimize your experience to sell them.