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Vimergy, a natural food and health and wellness brand, supplies the finest Organic Greens and Wild Mushroom Powders, including their USDA Organic Barleygrass Juice Powder.
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Running multiple companies, I just don’t have time to go back & forth between design, development, UX, and more. Anatta took care of everything for me and kept me educated the entire way for the past 4 years as I grew to a million dollar+ brand

Philip McCluskey, CEO

Our Work

Since 2014, Anatta has helped Vimergy build an exceptional user experience and predictable online revenue by:

  • Completing a site redesign and development of website releasing exclusively on Magento.
  • Using a custom UI design and messaging process.
  • Identifying Vimergy’s target user through extensive user testing and data analysis.
  • Creating product subscriptions and kits capability to grow customer lifetime value.
  • Creating a simple formula to explain a complex product by weaving the right amount of education with design.
  • Allowing Vimergy to release new products with ease, develop marketing plans with their website and their Mailchimp marketing lists, and manage full operations completely independent of Anatta.
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