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Barbara reached out to Anatta in August of 2015 with a desire to redesign their founder’s website - It as in major need of a facelift especially as her new book The Heart of the Fight was getting released.

Hot off the launch of the new website, Barbara asked us to take over their biggest site - in April 2016. Since that was their main online funnel to the foundation - they wanted to bring us in to redesign and replatform their existing setup.

That meant a few key things:

Results is a comprehensive marketing funnel for the Wright organization. They are able to create entire experiences under all their business verticals of coaching, courses, corporate and university.

Not a single page or URL was left behind. All URLs were properly redirected and SEO value was 100% maintained.

Along with that, the new site does an amazing job bringing to life the amazing things the Wright Foundation is known for. They finally have a site that speaks to their amazing results.

Anatta now acts in a maintenance role with existing functionalities while spending the majority of time on the NEXT steps to making the foundation grow.


We started with a team of 2 dedicated developers (1 frontend, 1 backend) and one full time designer from our own team. Starting there, we took the following steps:

Mid 2016

went through a very deep dive of the existing site, dug through all their biggest competitors, and developed our own content and UI/UX strategy.

End 2016

built the entire site experience and content on top of WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields and the Underscores theme. Built modularly, we constructed every page on the website with some real and some dummy content.

Start 2017

helped the project get to the finish line with adjustments, content & media addition, and strategy on what’s the best UX. Launched officially in March.

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